ऐहसास :१

ऐहसास :१ is written by Mithlesh , whose talent of expressing was not known to me ,even knowing and living with her for almost 45 years . so will translate her work From Indian Language Hindi to English.

ऐहसास is synonymous as Realization

” We hardly Realize during our Daily Life that what ever Life Gives us is Much More than what We Give Back“.

Gratitude only makes our Life Meaningful“.


आम जीवन में हमें शायद ही कभी यह एहसास होता है

कि हम जितना देते है , हमें उससे कहि ज़्यादा मिलता है,

सिर्फ कर्तज्ञता से ही जिवन समर्ध्द होता है।

(c) Mithlesh Singhal

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