Tree of Happiness

Lord Buddha is walking and a Mad Elephant is coming from opposite side….but Lord Buddha’s vibrational energy calms down the Mad Elephant .

Love is the vibrational Energy of Zero …..imparts happiness and silence to everybody.

( Entire cosmos is governed by the Law of Zero Energy in Macro Cosmos as well as in Micro Atom as Balance of energy in cosmos as well as in Atom is always Zero neither Positive Nor Negative and to Define this Law we call it Om , Allah , God or Name of our choice .)

The power of loving-kindness transcends all Beliefs or non-beliefs in God, is found in persons of every faith, as well as those of no faith.

What matters is our heart and the deepest loving intent of our heart.

Happily, the innate goodness and potential to love in every human heart are greater than any disbelief the Human Mind may have about the Power of Love.

A greater ability to plant Seed of Love , the invaluable wealth we all bring in our closed hands in this world …. is something we can Cultivate and Nurture through Kindness and Oneness within and make it a tree of Happiness….

To remain …Tree of Happiness … is Enlightenment 360° 

Love all .

(c ) ram H singhal


Creative Enlightenment

Friday Wisdom Blog

Real and unreal

Love good films and 

The Last Samurai ( 2003 ) is one my favorite ……

watched it many times …… as one watches it more …..

it opens with new meanings and fragrance of characters in the film …. 

love many conversations or dialouges bur one of very best in my opinion.

1= 997

Tell me how he died ?

Emperor Meiji

I will tell you how he Lived.


films are real and unreal at the same time …..  

to some it is an entertainment ……

to some ,,,,,,, an experience …..

and to some ,,,,,,,, an excitement …….

Cosmos is dream production of divine …….

Life is a film which can make us aware of our different roles and also of divine part …….

in film all actors act with the given identity or names but original name mostly appears

at the end of the film only …….

to know the original name during the film and  yet act with a given name naturally is ….. Enlightenment 360°.

love all.

(c) ram H singhal


Creative Enlightenment

Friday Wisdom Blog