Wisdom of 15’th Alphabet “O “


O is Journey of a Point to become “Full Circle of Life” , starting as Nothing to become Whole but stay between N and W as “NOW”.

(The first ever photograph of light as both a particle and wave .) ( Photo Credits : phys.org )

O symbolizes an Alphabet and also a Number 0 as value Zero , it also has a Dual Character like Light which behaves both as a Particle and as a Wave. This duality is one of the Cosmic Law of Creation .

( Dance of Eternity )

Eternity is dancing on an Eternity Like Football.

Football has a Time Body Outside and Timeless Space inside.

Zero is Cosmic constant we may refer as ” GOD “,and that is beyond Duality of Time and Timelessness , beyond Duality of Creation and Destruction , beyond Known and Unknown Dimensions but within Love of No Dimension.

Be in Love and become Alone to All one.

Open Heart and Zero Mind is the first step to become one with all.

Love all.

(ram H singhal )