” Spiritual Signature “

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There is so much God’s beauty in Nature but certain timeless monuments, one of them , like “Taj Mahal ” blend so well with the Beauty of God ….so to Blend with God one need to Blend with Beauty first .

Let me first Talk on Taj Mahal a different perspective , although most Scholars define it with the love of an Emperor and the Empress .

But much more than that is the ” Love of People , Masons , Craftsmen , Artists who worked day and night as their worship and Prayer and Left no signature on this ” Time Monument ” .

Yet their invisible signatures are engraved and embossed as beauty in the Timeless Dimension what I call as ” Spiritual Signature ” .

” Inner Beauty ” is a Spiritual Signature .and to Sensitive Hearts and Souls these signatures speak meaning and to explore that meaning and also to express our love and Gratitude to these unknown Masters of Art visited Taj Mahal many many times with family and alone in all Seasons to Listen and Learn and Cherish this Love Poetry of Unknown Artists carved in White Marble .

If you happen to visit and Monument or Works of Art , be Silent in mind to have conversations with the spiritual Mind of the monuments and works of all creative Arts

It can be like a walk in nature and in silence we converse with ” Mind of God ” .

Beauty is a Spiritual Signature of God in Nature and that is Why ” God is Beauty ” .

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

Happy Birthday

I open the door to Go for my Morning walk and for Tennis , this Note on the Door reminded me , that Today is my Birthday.

I will be completing 68 years of absolute love and Happiness and it fills me with Gratitude to my parents , Earth , My Family , Friends ,Online and Off line for their Greetings and blessings and to Cosmic Consciousness ” GOD “and also to my Body .

And as I stepped into the Hall , my little Grand Daughter Mishka 6 years ,was waiting to give me a Hug and this Liovely Card .

In India Grand Children many time refer their Grand Father as ” DADU “

I collect these wonderful Love cards made by my Grand Children . their hugs can take me back to my childhood , which was also most wonderful time like Now .

Life been Kind to Gift me the Journey of Creative Enlightenment.

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

language of creativity

art is one of the language of creativity ……..
art is an expression of timelessness in time …….
it is a signature on stone to sing basic human nature ……
viewing these art objects
National Museum , New Delhi , India
is a subjective experience of creative enlightenment .
love all
(c) ram0ram
freedom to right copy and share