Happy Birthday

I open the door to Go for my Morning walk and for Tennis , this Note on the Door reminded me , that Today is my Birthday.

I will be completing 68 years of absolute love and Happiness and it fills me with Gratitude to my parents , Earth , My Family , Friends ,Online and Off line for their Greetings and blessings and to Cosmic Consciousness ” GOD “and also to my Body .

And as I stepped into the Hall , my little Grand Daughter Mishka 6 years ,was waiting to give me a Hug and this Liovely Card .

In India Grand Children many time refer their Grand Father as ” DADU “

I collect these wonderful Love cards made by my Grand Children . their hugs can take me back to my childhood , which was also most wonderful time like Now .

Life been Kind to Gift me the Journey of Creative Enlightenment.

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

What not is GOD ?

Love the Sky , the Timeless canvas of Divine , where colors of Time Dance.

This was yesterday Morning at the Tennis Court around 6:15 am in Jaipur India

Love all is the Mantra of Tennis and for all of us .

In India GOD is defined by Three words that is SAT CHIT ANAND . that means Timeless Blissfulness of Consciousness .

Many time People ask me , How to find God ?

Tell them to define their Moments of Totality , Blissful Happiness ,

which Could be walking in Nature , so Nature is God ,

A child Hugs you , so Love is God ,

when you are good to others so goodness and Kindness is God ,

A fish is asking where is the Ocean ? , so are we , we are in God Only .

Behind all senses is Sense of God only .

Be that Witness of all Senses and Life , to be in Harmony with God .

Love to Hear Morning Raga , Indian Classical music is conversation with Nature and conversation with nature is conversation with God.

Love All.

(c) ram H singhal