transformation of God

30 April 2013

Good and God’s morning …….

talk is a misunderstanding …….. walk is an understanding …….. …

knowing Goodness is ordinary …..  practicing goodness is extraordinary ……

talk is worth $ 1 ……

action is worth $ 100 ……

habit is worth $ 100000 …….

and oneness with it is invaluable ……  

so having a walk ……


walking in peace realized that life dances  between the in and out of breath …..

and thought ……God enters inside  as wave of Love  …….


get transformed inside


comes out as wave of happiness ……

true nature of God …..

fragrance of happiness

in India happiness is known as KHUSHBOO  ( HINDI )  or fragrance of happiness ……

so between in and out of God ……

we are left with fragrance of happiness ….. 

spread this fragrance ….. be the transformer of God 

love all 

(c) ram0ram

freedom to right copy and share

Spiritual but not religious

Understand what cannot be understood!
Hear from the heart wordless mysteries!

Good and God’s morning ……

recently some one asked the audience in a conference …….

how many people are religious ?

only very few could raise their hands …..

but when asked …… how many people are in one way or other spiritual ……..

almost  90 %   or every one could raise their hand in affirmation …..

Spiritual but not religious (SBNR)  is a common and popular phrase in young generation all across the world …….

In April 2010, the front page of USA TODAY claimed that 72% percent of Young generation  agree they are “more spiritual than religious”.

Popular phrases are like a fashion which one follow blindly ignoring own creativity and judgement because of  projected styles by designers and brand Gurus through celebrity and fashion models and when we see our role models wear those ….. our mirror neurons in our brain get activated  and to look  beautiful and different we follow them but ultimately we  all start looking alike   ……. and become a part of fashion crowd who thinks themselves to be with the trend and contemporary 

and exactly this also has happened with this phrase ……

Spiritual but not religious

so we will try to understand in an ordinary way ……..

what is spiritual?


what means to be religious ?

Two days back took my elder Grand daughter to temple …..

in the picture she is placing some flowers on the roots of a Banyan tree …… what we call in Hindi ” PIPAL ”


when we went to bow before the lord shrine and afterwards as we were circling the shrine from outside which is a ritual most Hindu follow when one goes to temple ………

my Grand daughter asked me …….. why we circle the shrine ?……..

like children for their scientific and natural quest for the answers ……

so told her …….

time is a linear dimension with two ends ……. like past and future ……

to bring them together we circle so both ends come together

and meeting of past and future is present that is NOW ……… a journey of time in timelessness

religion is like a classroom where we are given the methods of bringing together the duality of body and soul through some rituals which are quite scientific

but to spread that knowledge certain simple rituals are there in streams of different religions all across the world depending upon the geographical , weather and local conditions …….

it is a training of senses which include body , mind and yoga or oneness with soul …….. it is like knowing how to drive a car or how to cook a meal …..

life is a long journey where we get this training of senses which could happen through religions …… through modern science ….. through a theist or through an atheist ….. because both theist and atheist know that every thing is made of atom and within every atom is OM also like soul in every living human ……

Spirituality is science of application of that training of senses for an individual journey of self-realization ……. and knowing the language of essence for all the senses …….. that is beauty for the eyes …… harmony or music for the ears ….. fragrance or the nose ……. taste for the mouth …..sensitivity or softness for the touch and prayers for totality or oneness …… so it is like decorating the dining table and taste the meal .

so what exactly we do when we go to a temple …… we complete all these through simple rituals …… like my grand daughter touch flower for touch and smell ….. putting flower is appreciating the beauty of nature ….. burn some incense sticks for fragrance …. decorate lord for beauty …… and prayer and gratitude for oneness …. like decorating a dining table

some people may not believe in decorating a dining table and sit down and eat in gratitude but like to have quick meal just to feed the body ….. and just feeding the body ignoring all rituals of art of dining …..they will say ……. waste of time …… and for this they call themselves not religious …..and not believing in any of these decorating methods has become  so-called spirituality

so a true spirituality is basically an art of dining to taste the divine energy in every thing and that is a conversation with nature …….. and every religion of this world is a local language of that conversation .

and spiritual but not religious…… is a sentence of misunderstood alphabets .


religious outside


spiritual inside

is a balanced statement

spirituality in short is like an ocean of love where all rivers of different religions merge to have same level …..

giving same level to all is true humanity ……

a true religion and true spirituality …..

love all

(c) ram H singhal

freedom to right copy and share

Men’s Tennis champions : 16 Week 2013

Ball of Timelessness






MONACO — For the first time in nine years, the Monte Carlo Masters trophy belongs to someone other than Rafael Nadal.

The Spaniard’s record reign at the clay-court tournament finally ended Sunday as he lost 6-2, 7-6 (1) to top-ranked Novak Djokovic in the final.

Nadal won his 46 previous matches and the last eight titles at Monte Carlo — beating Djokovic in last year’s final — and his last defeat here was against Guillermo Coria 10 years ago. Nadal missed the 2004 tournament through injury before winning his first Monte Carlo title the following year.

Nadal then beat Roger Federer in the next three finals. His eight straight titles were an ATP record for one tournament.

“I cannot be happier than I am in this moment knowing what I’ve been through the whole week, actually two weeks,” said Djokovic, who…

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flow in timelessness.

knowing untruth as untruth is truth …..

truth is oneness with divine


divine is in every thing and everywhere …..

like in every atom as OM


oneness with our work is oneness with divine

and when that oneness or totality reflects in our work

we admire that work


work of art .

be a artist of divine ……

divine want to express through us ….

remain empty to be filled with creativity ….

and let beauty flow in timelessness.

love all

(c) ram0ram 

freedom to right copy and share

Men’s Tennis champions : 15 Week 2013

Ball of Timelessness







HOUSTON — From Nicolas Almagro’s vantage point, there was nothing unusual about John Isner’s serves on Sunday.

They were as difficult as always.

Isner had seven aces and won the battle of big serves with a 6-3, 7-5 victory in the final of the U.S. Men’s Clay Court Championship.

Isner won his first tournament of the year and the sixth of his career. He had a record 64 aces for the tournament. He broke the record of 60 set by Pete Sampras in 2002. Almagro leads the ATP Tour with 266 aces. He had five against Isner.

Isner won $82,300 and Almagro earned $43,310.

Isner is the first American to appear in an ATP Tour final this year. Isner lost to Juan Monaco 6-2, 3-6, 6-3 in last year’s final.







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women’s Tennis champions : 15 Week 2013

Ball of Timelessness






KATOWICE, Poland – After dropping 61 60 scorelines on her last two opponents, it was pretty clear she was in top form – from the baseline to the net and from her powerful forehands to her slice backhands, Roberta Vinci was just too sharp against Petra Kvitova in the final of the BNP Paribas Katowice Open, winning a tight first set then cruising to victory against the World No.8, 76(2) 61.

“I played a really good game today,” Vinci said after the match. 

“It was a very tough match against Roberta today,” Kvitova said. 

Vinci now has eight WTA titles, 

Vinci’s first eight Top 10 wins included two in 2005 (No.10 Anastasia Myskina at Eastbourne and No.10Patty Schnyder at Luxembourg), one in 2009 (No.10 Flavia Pennetta at Tokyo), one in 2011 (No.1Caroline Wozniacki at Toronto), two in 2012 (No.7 Angelique Kerber at Montréal…

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A Mighty Inspiration

Whose my hero
My role model
Who do I look up to
Whose footsteps shall I follow

My mum is a hero
Amazing in many ways
She helps people
Every single day.

She taught me 
She loved me
she’s the mum
I’d want to be

My dads a hero
I think you’ll find
His heart Is huge
He’s tell u kind

He works hard everyday
He never fails to show his love
He’s funny and brill
He’s like an angel from above.

My teachers are hero’s
They have to be
Cause it can’t be easy
To try and teach me

They take the time to help 
And make us achieve
They make lessons fun
And in us they believe.

My friends inspire me
The Way they always cheer me up
The Way we all just chat
We never ever shut up

All of you are.heroes to me
The Way you always help 
Both members and mentors
Your all brilliant

So whose my mighty inspiration
I don’t know if I can say
I follow a different path
So it varies every day

So my mighty inspiration is the world itself.
For all the things within 
And thing people do
It is true
We are all heroes in our own way