The Thrill is gone ?

Many time listen this Wonderful assemble of great Artists , a all time favorite ” The Thrill is gone by BB King .

What is thrill ?

In my opinion the Art to live and watch unfolding of life with Mystery.

What is drill ?

In my opinion a daily routine to live and perform to fold the canvas of life with colors of My Story .

Be Be king of your own life , live with the Mystery of divine and have Thrill of every moment , not with the drill of My Story .

Mystery is cosmic business of God.

Live in mystery and live with Thrill.

Love all

(c) ram H singhal

Life Partner


Life is a journey and destination together so is a life partner , 

What exactly is a life partner ?

Life partner is a meaning to life , a meaning which expands our horizon to look beyond physical horizons , a process of togetherness to travel in time totality  , a hope and strength during  roller coaster of fortunes , a companion and compass to show and guide on the unknown frontiers .

Ram been lucky to find a fine lady whom I call “Mitu ” off course her name is Mithlesh and our journey of togetherness started on 15 Feb 1976 and today we complete 41 years of blissful bondage to each other .

In our Indian tradition marriage is a sacred knot which one ties not just for one life but for seven more life to come , but this feeling only becomes true when one looks beyond physical realm into spiritual reality , 

There is a beautiful tradition of Hindu trinity Gods that they all have tied only with one life partner , Like Goddess Laxmi with Lord Vishnu , Goddess Parvati with Lord Shiva and Goddess Saraswati with Lord Brahma .

Same tradition percolates in mind , heart and souls of all loving couples of this world .

we are one such couple who wants to meet each other again and again and again .

Love all.

(c) ram0ram 

p.s. ….  life is a flow of time where we start two in a boat and as we flow with time our children and grand children make this life meaningful , happy and blissful.



moon lover

Good and God’s morning …..

this is summer time and in summer normally wake up by 4.30 a.m. and after prayers will make honey and ginger tea and as me and my wife were drinking tea ….the moon light was coming from the window …..

and was wondering the beauty and remembering the times of childhood when one will sleep on the open roof and moon will be called as CHANDAMAMA ……means brother of mother ….. they say all juices in the fruits comes because of moon …..

like moon light so much …..just to feel moon light on skin is whisper of God’s love ….. today I have to update two of my blogs on wordpress  and two pages  on facebook ….

Whispers of fragrant breeze

Ram0ram’s happiness notes……

Whispers of fragrant breeze

Ram0ram happiness notes

moon means beauty ….. and so in Indian poetry a female lover is addressed as moon only …..

moon is so feminine ….one can stay whole night without any moon burn and sun is so masculine …… you need it but stay in sun will give sunburn…..

so stay in the shade of love … is summer time… moon ….call you self a moon lover ….

love all.

(c) ram0ram …… freedom to right copy and share

friendship : feeling of divine

A good friend always there to listen…… and make you smile

The true friend removes all level differences.

A good friend always keeps a lower hand….. understands the ego is an  enemy…

True friendship is not a matter of mind … is a feeling of divine.