Art of Living

Life is a experience as man , woman , or as a child , child has no gender , we try to classify them as girl child or a boy child .Childhood is a stage of life both for women and men , like teenage is a stage so is young and old . 

Many time wonder what could be the purpose of this life cycle , which varies for everything in nature from a cosmos age of few billion years to few seconds for some small creatures . for Humans average is 75 years . what we all carry at last , , think ?

At last most of the humans feel going empty handed , why empty handed ?

Lord Buddha was a prince , so name ,fame and power yet confined to his own small kingdom , abandon all comforts and start a search of a pure bliss which he knows the taste yet does not find in the comforts of his palace and kingdom. 

Search or research for this bliss takes him around , to different people , different practices , different philosophies , and yet there are more and more questions than answers.

Finally sits under the tree of PIPAL later on known as Bodhi Tree ,  there he unlearn all the acquired knowledge and  learns like a child the  art of living in present .

PIPAL has a hidden wisdom , Pi means drink and Pal means this particular moment or now , drink now is wisdom of life both for women and men, be a man or woman outside yet a child inside always 

Art of living like this in present is purpose of life in my view .

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Oneness with divine

Early mornings are a gift ,

Winter in Jaipur is mild , yet to feel cold water shower is a gratitude bath , a bath to express thanks and harmony with body and water , cold shower is a therapy to enjoy winter . water is taste of divine and  calorie wise also zero like the energy equation of entire cosmos zero .

light a small oil lamp in the home temple and just to witness a miracle , a light beam of the small oil lamp also moving at 300000 Kilometer per second or 176000 miles per second , it wick flickering with the little wind is a dance of divine , just to witness this dance is pure meditation , meditation is a science to live in present .

Now time to be in the garden and feel the music of wind , wind is the origin of music and listening wind and working out breathing exercises makes to understand  that breath is neither connected nor disconnected with us ,

As I lift my hand to look at the blue sky in prayer , the eternal canvas where birds fly , light and darkness plays through the sun ,  moon , and clouds , creativity at it’s best .

Is not the creativity an art to cross timeline and jump into totality of timelessness ?

Kitchen is a spiritual center , where smell of wonderful cooking of earth elements , what a range of fruits and vegetables , and if you cook or make dishes like worship of work or like a prayer , eat like even every bite is absolute pleasure .

To be with nature ( 5 elements fire, water , wind , earth and sky ) is to be with ourselves , be ourselves is to be with oneself , and to be with oneself is to be with divine itself .

be with divine everyday and every moment .

love all.


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Taste of Timelessness


Life sips through the lips of time the taste of timelessness , 

Timelessness is a cup of emptiness which remains always brim full with tea of happiness .

It is a saying in Tao   , when Earth ( Time Body ) and  Sky ( Timeless Soul )  meet their  will be a Rain of Bliss .

Blissfulness is that Meeting Point .

Present is the meeting point of Past and Future .

Dance is the meeting point of Action and Non Action .

There are many modes of Transport to Travel on the Path of Time ,

Choose wisely the vehicle to Travel .

Let our inner Compass and  Faith of Divine be our guide , 

Those who have Faith always find their Destination ,

May all find their Destinations .

Happy New Year 

(c) ram H singhal