Is God a name?

What , why and how related to the infinite cosmos and it’s mysteries surround our scientific brains of human race since the appearance of human on Earth .

The working and certainty of Solar system led us to worship these cosmic bodies and with time different names emerged for this cosmic consciousness in different civilizations like OM, ALLAH, GOD and many more across the world.

what exactly are these names and why we recite them ?
Listen morning meditation monologue by ram H singhal , wisdom and scientific views on it.

Love to know your own views and reviews.

love all

(c) ram H singhal

Language of Essence

Language of Essence is a collection of 8 inner voice monologues recorded during early morning meditation walks by ram H singhal between year 2006 – 2007


‘ Anant Yatra Musical is a presentation of his voice and vision in Year 2009 in Kamani Auditorium at New Delhi India.

” OWN ZERO ” is a Wisdom Channel on Youtube . it has collection of morning meditation walks monologues by ram H singhal.

‘Listen and Share

love all.

(c) ram H singhal