Fragrance of Essentials

Objective world is Warehouse of desires


Subjective world is Awareness of essentials .

Love , Peace , Kindness, Gratitude and Blissful Happiness are Essentials of life ,

 Enlightenment 360º is ….. Fragrance of essentials.

Love All.

(c) ram H singhal

Basic Nature

Ducks need not read Books to know Swimming as it is natural and Basic Nature.

Why Human read books to know about Enlightenment ?.

Dancing is our Basic Nature. Singing is our Basic Nature. Happiness is our Basic Nature.

Enlightenment 360º is ….. Back to Basics.

Love All.

(c) ram H singhal

Journey of Creative Enlightenment

Who Enjoys the Game of Football most?

Spectator , Players or the Referee ?

4 Milestone in Journey of Creative Enlightenment. 

Image result for football in Air

Eternity is dancing on Eternity like Football.

Our body is a Cover of Time for Timelessness.

First Milestone is Information through Micro vision of Science by which we explore into Cover of Time or Body, its working and rules of game of life . As a Spectator who gathers into Stadium to watch Game of Life more as Entertainment.

Second Milestone of Understanding by Spectator, is the Macro Vision of Spirituality or self realization of Timelessness inside and outside of Cover of Time within Cosmic Game as Experience.

Third Milestone of performance is by a player as a Cosmic Dancer in Union of Time and Timelessness irrespective of result of Game .

Fourth Milestone is transformation as Neutral Witness as Referee who Witness Game with Neutral Mind so enjoys the Game most.

To be a Good Referee , be a Good player and Neutral Spectator of Life First.

Referee is a Journey of Creative Enlightenment .

Love All.

(c) ram H singhal

What is Enlightenment ?

What is Enlightenment ?

Looking at moon is enlightenment .

Hugging by grandchildren is enlightenment.

Cooking with love is enlightenment.

Working as worship is enlightenment.

Living life-like prayer is enlightenment .

Singing nature is enlightenment .

Touching of breeze is enlightenment .

Drinking happiness of every moment is enlightenment .


Searching Enlightenment is not Enlightenment.

Love All.

(c) ram H singhal