” Atom’s Way of Looking “

Mind of Zero

Science Source - Niels Bohr, Danish Physicist

“The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth.”
― Niels Bohr

Young Niels Bohr

“Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.”
― niels bohr

“Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself it’s own solution. It forces us to change our thinking in order to find it.”
― Niels Bohr

“A physicist is just an ” Atom’s Way of Looking ” at itself.”
― Niels Bohr

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1922 was awarded to Niels Henrik David Bohr “for his services in the investigation of the structure of atoms and of the radiation emanating from them.”

Niels Bohr is one of the major voices in the early development of quantum mechanics.

Niels Henrik David Bohr

Bohr & Einstein Debates

Bohr & Einstein prolonged and spirited debate, the two great thinkers helped refine a century-long understanding of quantum physics.


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Beginning of Happiness?

Fragrant Breeze

What do ” Sad People ” have in common?

It seems they have all built a shrine to the past and often go there and do a Strange Wail and Worship.

What is the Beginning of Happiness?

It is to stop being so religious like that.

حافظ Khwāja Šams ud-Dīn Muhammad Hāfez-e Šīrāzī, or simply Hāfez (Persian: خواجه شمس‌الدین محمد حافظ شیرازی), was a Persian mystic and poet. He was born sometime between the years 1310 and 1337.  one of the three greatest poets of the world. His lyrical poems, known as ghazals, are noted for their beauty and bring to fruition the love, mysticism, and early Sufi themes

― شمس الدین محمد حافظ /
Shams-al-Din Mohammad Hafez,
(1325 – 1389 )

Love All.

(c) ram H singhal

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Walk through Life

Photo Magic

“How do we start taking pictures of people, and stop taking pictures of poses?”
– Justin and Mary Marantz

“We will not walk through life with our couples, but our photos go with them.”
– Justin and Mary Marantz

I can’t think of a better way to define the importance of being a wedding photographer! Justin and Mary don’t just tell a couple’s story but create a family heirloom marking the start of a new family. With every client, they make sure they capture the emotion of the day and tell the story of the bride and groom in a way the couple will cherish forever.

Love All

(c) ram H singhal

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Sailing …. Just a Dream

Flow of Silence

All the words of wisdom sound the same .

Christopher Cross

If you can’t play it on an acoustic guitar or a grand piano then it’s not a song.

Christopher Cross

You got tofight for quality art and equality and all the things that we’re fighting for, the things we believe in.

Choice and preference and all those things that we support. We don’t want to give up that fight. You got to keep doing it.

Christopher Cross

Sailing' Singer Christopher Cross Tests Positive for Coronavirus ...

“I’ve got some shelves in my bedroom, and I’ve got my Oscar, my GRAMMYs and pictures of my kids. The things I’m most proud of in my life.”

Born Christopher Charles Geppert May 3, 1951, in San Antonio, Texas.

Christopher Crosswon for 1980 Five GRAMMYs at the 23rd GRAMMY Awards . Cross is the only artist in GRAMMY history to win all the General Four categories in one night.


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Inner light of wisdom

Creative Enlightenment

Enlightenment is the ” Inner light of wisdom ” that is permanently free from all mistaken appearance,

and whose function is to bestow mental peace upon each and every living being every day.     

Kelsang Gyatso

Learning to cherish others is the best solution to our daily problems, and it is the source of all our future happiness and good fortune.

Kelsang Gyatso

Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible.

Kelsang Gyatso

Geshe-la Teaching in Portugal

The Founder of Modern Kadampa Buddhism , Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche,  a world-renowned meditation master  has touched the hearts of countless people around the world and inspired them to set out on a blissful journey to lasting happiness and inner peace.

L0ve all

(c) ram H singhal

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Center of the Circle

Beyond the Rainbow

“Do you want to improve the world?
I don’t think it can be done.

The world is sacred.
It can’t be improved.
If you tamper with it, you’ll ruin it.
If you treat it like an object, you’ll lose it.

There is a time for being ahead,
a time for being behind;
a time for being in motion,
a time for being at rest;
a time for being vigorous,
a time for being exhausted;
a time for being safe,
a time for being in danger.

The Master sees things as they are,
without trying to control them.
She lets them go their own way,
and resides at the Center of the Circle.”

Lao Tzu( 570 – 490 BC )

Love All.

(c) ram H singhal

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