Wisdom of 12′ th Alphabet L = Love

12 is a Magic number .

As a Child we are 1 as Time and Timeless together or in Union of Body and Soul or in Harmony of Left and Right Brain Plasticity.

As We grow Gap develops and Mind comes in between Body and Soul or between Logic Head Left Brain and Emotional Heart Right Brain.

This Gap is Field of Mind and life plays its ” Game of Thrones “

L has a Shorter Horizontal Arm which is Linear dimension of Time or Body Left Brain and L has a Longer Vertical Arm which is Vertical Dimension of Timelessness or Soul Right Brain.

Many time People say ” I love you ” most of the time it is ” I Like You “and it is in Linear Dimension of Time and Mirror of Life reverses it into dislike also.

Several times Magzines , News papers ,and Television flashes Celebrity couples as ” Made for Each Other “ and within few Days , Months or Years they become ” Mad with Each Other “.

Love is God.

O is a common Factor which is Symbol of Zero .

Zero O is Eternal and beyond Time and Timelessness so is Love.

Love is natural and neutral so is God’s love .

Like water it can dissolve both Salt and Sugar of life .

it is a Freedom to be with salt or with sugar , with outer beauty of time body or with inner beauty of timeless soul.

Love is warmness of heart neither the cold head nor the hot head.

Like happens with Outer Beauty of Body Makeup which could be Power , Position , Place and Purse and Love flows from the Inner Beauty of Soul wake-up for every person . That what we express through our Smile and Greetings ( NAMASTE which means I bow to Divine In you )

Today remembered a Friend on Alphabet L , Artist and Calligrapher Lalit Sharma Called him after many months , it is truly a warm experience to hear and tell , a quality educational and social conversations. Here is one of his work .

Idea is worth little but implementing it regularly brings worth of wisdom and value .

Your inputs are welcome.

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal