Wisdom of 11’th Alphabet K = Knowledge

Togetherness of the Alphabets only makes Words and our love to express them in our Unique Styles gives them a Meaning . We all bloggers are like an Alphabets and our different posts gives our writings a meaning and this makes a Open Community of WordPress A World of Wisdom “

While walking in the Garden remembered a old practice of calling a important friend or a valuable contact , whose name starting with a Alphabet with corresponding date of that day. for example on 1st with friend name on Alphabet A and 2nd on B and so on . so decided also to start a Topic Series with Alphabets which for Today is 11 Alphabet K = Knowledge

Life is a seasons of dry and green grass but Art of life is to remain a flower of Happiness in all different seasons.

This is True Knowledge and Wisdom.

I just called my Vedanta Scholar Friend Krishana Kant who is Basically from Holy City of Varanasi and lectures out of India , mostly in Canada and USA whom I met in New Delhi in year 2009 at a friend’s Home.>

It kept my networking with people still alive and cordial even after not meeting them in years .

Networking is a Knowledge , make is Net Worth Working .

Why not call a friend whose name starts with K Today and everyday with new alphabets ?

Your input on Knowledge and this new practice are welcome.

Love all.

(c) ram H Singhal