Buddha wisdom Quotes = 20

Enlightenment = conversations with God


Be where you are;

otherwise you will miss your life.


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ram happiness notes

1c.jpgWHY  O YOU is a question mark ……. a mark which could not be erased from the mind since human appeared on earth , and wondering and wandering in the desert of  answers .

All answers satisfy your thirst for some time but quest satisfying answer still appears as mirage . and this quest on purpose of this life has given the birth to individual journey which is spirituality and a collective journey what we know as modern science.

Merging of two visions of both the eyes bring a third dimension of depth so we will have to merge the spirituality and science together for a right answer .

what could be that ?

need your input ……. thanks and regards

(c) ram singhal

freedom to right copy and share

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Brain = Bliss rain

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Good morning ,

Recently got a new mobile , with in the box was a users manual thicker with pages of information than thinness of my mobile.

did I open the manual to study ?

no , because mobile is made users friendly.

our brain is million time more valuable with no users manual so it is users friendly .

do you agree ?

I agree completely , it is our best friend , a friend which helps you decode all sensory simulations as well as store them in short term , long term or working memories and most of the time sensing sense of God behind all senses as Bliss rain.

bliss rain is happiness , peace or enlightenment.

Make your brain your best friend for all your life.

Love all.

(c) ram singhal

Gap of silence


1 .Gap is space between the two letters .

2 .Gap is time between the inhale and exhale .

3 .Gap is a interval between the two musical notes.

4 .Gap in desire and fulfillment is discontent .

5 .Gap in relations is strain.

6 .Gap in past and future is Stress.

1 to 3 are good gaps needed for life but 4 to 6 are harmful Gaps for life

Satisfaction , love and living in present are solutions to Gap number 4 to 6,

Namaste is coming together of two hands of past and future with Gap of silence

witnessing gap of silence is living in present.

love all.

(c) ram  singhal

Wings of silence


Wind is music , listen to wind and you are in harmony with nature .

every morning before sunrise , the light in the sky increases with such silence and on the canvas of sky birds perform a dance of life.

Beauty has wings of silence .

Wind has wings of silence.

Light has wings of silence.

Gratitude has wings of silence.

Happiness has wings of silence.

find your own wings of silence to converse with nature


explore it’s vocabulary.

(c ) ram singhal