Sweet scent of Divine

This rose is from the dust of one like me.
His joy within the rose, thus I can see.
My companion and confidant it is, because
The colorful rose brings the sweet scent of divine

حافظ Khwāja Šams ud-Dīn Muhammad Hāfez-e Šīrāzī, or simply Hāfez (Persian: خواجه شمس‌الدین محمد حافظ شیرازی), was a Persian mystic and poet. He was born sometime between the years 1310 and 1337.  one of the three greatest poets of the world. His lyrical poems, known as ghazals, are noted for their beauty and bring to fruition the love, mysticism, and early Sufi themes

― شمس الدین محمد حافظ / 
Shams-al-Din Mohammad Hafez, 
(1325 – 1389 )

Love All.

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Fragrant Breeze

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Time Cycle

Yesterday noticed this flower while coming in and going out from home in the corridor and saw this flowering happen in a Time window of 3 hours so a thought appeared .

Everyday is a complete Time Cycle in itself .

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Nat “King” Cole

Nat “King” Cole (1919-1965) or Nathaniel Adams Cole was a superb Jazz Pianist, though he built his fame as a pop vocalist whose velvety pipes were caressingly smooth on the ear.

Born in Montgomery, Alabama, Cole pioneered a jazz trio format in the 40s, then scored some R&B hits before morphing into a slick pop balladeer in the 50s and beyond. In his heart, though, he was a committed, dyed-in-the-wool, jazz man and was a crucial figure in the early success of Capitol Records

The Grammy Museum is celebrating the life and career of legendary singer and pianist with a new exhibit Entitled “This Is Nat King Cole,” opened on March 17, 2020 what would have been Cole’s 101st birthday.

I’m a musician at heart. I know I’m not really a singer. I couldn’t compete with real singers. But I sing because the public buys it.

Nat “King” Cole

I’m an interpreter of stories. When I perform it’s like sitting down at my piano and telling fairy stories. Nat “King” Cole

Although it’s been said many times, many ways…Merry Christmas to you! Nat King Cole

If you smile through your fear and sorrow, smile and maybe tomorrow you’ll see the sun come shining through for you. Nat King Cole

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Flow of Silence

Enlightenment 360° Quotes : 11

Enlightenment 360° is …..


” Questions of Life ”


” Quest for GOD ” .

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Creative Enlightenment

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Secret Vaults of Heaven

Tender words we spoke

to one another

are sealed

in the Secret Vaults of Heaven.

One day like rain,

they will fall to earth

and grow green

all over the world. 

Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

(1207 – 1273 )

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1933 Nobel Prize in Physics : Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1933 was awarded jointly to Erwin Schrödinger and Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac “for the discovery of new productive forms of atomic theory.”

Paul Dirac published the first of his papers on “The Quantum Theory of the Electron” in 1928 , The Dirac equation, derived in those papers, is one of the most important equations in physics.

Paul Dirac ( 1902 – 1984 ) : the purest soul in physics

Paul Dirac with Werner Heisenberg in Chicago in 1929

Living is worthwhile if one can contribute in some small way to this endless chain of progress. – Paul Dirac

1953 at the 3rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting: Hans von Euler-Chelpin, Adolf Butenant, Paul Dirac, Graf Lennart Bernadotte, Cecil Powell und Max von Laue (left to right). Photo: Archive Stuhler.

1953 at the 3rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting: Hans von Euler-Chelpin, Adolf Butenant, Paul Dirac, Graf Lennart Bernadotte, Cecil Powell und Max von Laue (left to right). Photo: Archive Stuhler.

Scientific progress is measured in units of courage, not intelligence. -Paul Dirac

Paul Dirac with his wife in  Copenhagen July 1963

God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world.- Paul Dirac

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