Not  twice  this  day,  

 Inch  time  foot  gem ,

                                   This  day  will  not  come  again,                                  

Each minute is worth a priceless gem. 

Zen master ” TAKUN ”


happiness …… breath   to  breath ,            

happiness…….  thread  to  bread ,  

happiness ……. eat  to  sleep ,                

happiness ……………that  occupies  my being  ,  

a to z  of  creative enlightenment.

 footnote on June 2010 ………

 Thanks  to  my  grand – daughter Kashvi, 5 yrs now ,

it  is  her  wisdom ,  that I  am  learning  computer,  

get  inspired  by lots of wisdom  on  net  which makes me  add  my  few alphabets,  a b c d  


few words of silence…..

by  chance now  I  have a lot of  blogs ,….. on many subjects ….. all for happiness and love .  

Ram0ram’s Blog

Ram0ram’s happiness notes……

Whispers of fragrant breeze

Mind of God

Love = tree of happiness

ram0ram wisdom notes

Enlightenment = conversations with God

Music = harmony with God

Journey of creative enlightenment

Tennis = love game of God


 ram0 ram tries to be a good steno

who writes master’s voice

in short hand….

wisdom belongs to God…….

steno makes lot of spelling mistakes…….

master is kind so are all of you……

love all…….

( c ) ram0ram 

freedom to right copy and share


70 thoughts on “About

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  4. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for following my blog. Your blog is interesting and insightful. I very much enjoyed reading it.


  5. Ram, I don’t know where I’d be today — literally, today — without having read your blog. I learned of you through your comment on my senryū. For at least a year now, you have had me hooked on life and, judging by what I read above, eternity, too. Thank you!

    P.S. When I’m not commenting here on your blog, I am communicating in silence. 🙂

    Kindest regards,


    • dear and divine Ganesh …. with your name only start my writing ……so wisdom belongs to lord Ganesh ….ram is simply a steno ….. your nomination for this award is my inspiration and hopefully one day accept this as it requires lot of conditions to fulfill ……thanks ….love all.


  6. Hello, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award … Here is the link Enjoy :-)http://wp.me/pDYuL-1Ai


  7. A very beautiful and interesting blog. You’re a talented writer, and I’m honored that you started following my blog. Make yourself at home.

    Blessings 🙂


    • you are kind and divine ….. there is a beautiful prayer on your blog ……I will praise you O lord …. today wanted to praise lord for kindness and this prayer is my heart ….so are you kind words ….love all.


      • wow! that means so much to hear you say that. I’m happy you found something on my blog that touched you.


  8. Thank you for visiting my blog. I was mesmerized by your writings and the almost instant inner calm from reading them.
    Wisdom, grace and peace…


    • divine…….thanks for your time …..blogroll….and thoughtful comments…..

      you write for elders……I write as children book….this after noon I way playing with my grand daughter 5 years ….she was playing with game of apposite ….after many apposite we came at beauty and ugly…..so she commented…..but grand papa there is nothing ugly in this world……enlightened masters….

      please my other blog…
      love all..


    • divine…….on your blog listening your audio post…..quiet nice…..lot of silence….
      glad you viewed the writings and wisdom remarks……quite valuable….
      intend to answer your question in parts as they appear…..for today…
      poem…by….great poet…E.E.Cummings….
      (Me up at does) by E. E. Cummings
      Me up at does
      out of the floor
      quietly Stare
      a poisoned mouse

      still who alive
      is asking What
      have i done that
      You wouldn’t have

      love all…


    • divine…….you are kind and wise good human being …..we all are unique signatures of cosmic energy…..or God…..be natural…..
      thanks for blogroll……yesterday one time thought of putting your blogroll….but you were first to do it……
      happiness …..breath to breath…..
      bless you…..


  9. I’ve just added you to my blogroll. I consider myself very fortunate to have met you. You came in a moment of great distress and sorrow in my life. Thank you!


    • divine…….you put me in tears…..from now onwards happiness will flow in your life….bless you with all my prayers to god….

      Then child ask have you created me to pray to you?
      mother is mum what to answer, get tears ………….child inquires again also about the tears thinking question may not have hurt ?

      Mother composes and hold child in the lap and whispers in the
      child’s ear and says when in the garden I feed you with food , you
      also try with your small tiny hands to feed me ,please mom eat little ,how wonderful food you have cooked for me…still tears flowing…..

      Adds “It is not the requirement of cosmic intelligence that we pray or of any parents.
      prayers are like tiny hands of child wants cosmic intelligence to taste the wonderful cosmos that has created. but mom all different people refer through different names .does not get offended as I easily get angry if somebody do this to me. mom says wisdom comes through kindness. kindness is nature of cosmic intelligence and as child is happy mother is happy.

      happiness is prayers and thanks to cosmic intelligence .

      p.s. ..my grand daughter just 5 yrs but enlightened little master will pray her garments before wearing so one day I ask her why? she replies for communication to feel wonderful , make every breath prayer…every work prayer…..eternity is dancing on eternity like football, eternal space inside and outside in between the leather the body the gift of parents to us so they are our first god…body is your guru and guide…so show gratitude every morning and evening to it means keep beautiful , wear perfume of happiness, have a
      Hermes scarf a piece of creative enlightenment….go to mirror and just say you
      are most wonderful and beautiful person on earth which you are in the eyes of god nothing more or less than anybody. folding hands one become mirror to god that is your ultimate destiny and happiness is prayer of god so never again
      tell no body about joy and sorrow as river of happiness will fill your life so open your heart and forgive others…….I already witness change in you….god bless you..divine…


  10. So I think this is where you’re supposed to tell us who you are and why you’re writing this blog. I’m interested in knowing whatever you can tell me. I recognize a kindred spirit!


    • divine jean
      One ray telling other ray what is Sun……
      Mother and child journey on truth rain
      =train = science of collective and individual
      journey= ordinary to extra ordinary…….
      happy dreaming…..
      bless you with happiness.
      Happiness is prayer and thanks at the same
      time to divine .
      be ready for journey ” Anant Yatra “


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