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Totality in Time


Early morning on the terrace , full Moon in the sky  .

Moon is wisdom ,  transforms hot Sun light to cool moon light for no Moon burn light.

For some time learning photography , learning starts with yearning , learning also brings lot of earnings in terms of new perspectives , look into unexplored dimensions , a sense of wonder and totality in time.

Totality in time is invaluable gift new learning gives to us .

Fill the gap of our social and professional life with new learning.

Love all.

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mystery of mirror

The Mirror.© Knut Skjærven

desire to see own image is the cause of cosmic creation….

so to view our self in mirror is our innermost desire also ….. 

many time with outer hats of roles ….. hat with the price tag ….represents the desire to be famous …..

also are some eye wears ….representing the paths we follow ….

very interesting is more light on hat rather than face ……

and a flying kiss in self admiration ….

we all live a mystery of mirror ……

illusion in reality …

text : ram0ram

love all.