Spirituality and Science

Either people believe there is Current


people do not believe there is Current.

Knowing the Current is True Spirituality ,

knowing the Use of Current is Modern Science,

Believing and not believing both are Philosophies.\

Quote from Book ” Own zerO ”

Current is synonymous with GOD , and True spirituality is synonymous with True nature of God which is equivalent to Dharma in India , and Philosophies are synonymous with diffrent paths named as religion such as Hinduism , Islam , Christianity , Buddhism , and many many more ……

Love all/

(c) ram H singhal

City of Love


Happy Happy Birthday “MISHKA ”


Major difference between a Child and an Enlightened Master is Child is not aware of its own ” Source of Blissful Happiness ” but an Enlightened Master is .


In India everybody is confined to home for almost 25 days . To Utilise this time Creatively my Son Yogik took out his own childhood Lego and his large collection and for 10 Days along with his both daughters created this Lego ” City of Love ” and togetherness with train running arround the city,

Beware of EGO in Falling into Love


Aware with Lego in Feeling of Love ,

Lego is a journey of creativity , a journey of Happiness , makes you Child outside and an Enlightened Master inside .

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

Egg of Happiness

I am a pure vegetarian yet talking about ” Egg of Happiness “ my day starts at 4 am with a shower , Meditation , and at arround 6 am , Honey and Lime water for my ” Honey ” ,

Listen this Video , it is in English and some of the photo I took yesterday with my Grand Daughter who gave me Idea of ” this Egg …… how listen and respond ( this Video is recorded while my meditative walk on my terrace this Morning …… love all.

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

Emotions of Life

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Happy Holi  to all . 

Holi is celebrated on the full Moon day ,this year it is on 9 March 2020. and in Evening Holy fire is lighted in the evening which has a Hidden meaning that Time body can not burn Timeless soul .

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Yesterday we also had Birthday celebrations of one of my Grand Daughter with lot of dances , singing and playing with colors and flowers .

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Photo by Yogendra Singh on Pexels.com

Today is the Festival of Colors and it is a Total Expressions and Emotions of Life , divine devotion and Love .

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

Benchmark : 50001

My gratitude to everyone on WordPress , for 50001 views to my blog , Which I started on 10 September 2010 ,

It is Blog from a person with intrest in many creative arts , scientific , spiritual , philosophy , poetry , design , and photography .

Thank you all my fellow blog writers , who viewed and inspired me to express .

Love all.

Sunday being my day of photographic blog , Above picture are from Sunrise in Jaipur on 15 Feb 2020 and one from a Cafe where we went to have a Family Breakfast on my 44 Wedding Aniversary with my wife , Children and Grand Children .

Love all

(c) ram H singhal

Blissful Bondage


ram been lucky to find a fine lady whom I call “Mitu ” off course her name is Mithlesh and our journey of togetherness started on 15 Feb 1976


Today we complete 44 years of Blissful Bondage to each other as Life Partners .

What exactly is a Life Partner ?

Life is a journey and destination together so is a Life Partner .

Life partner is a meaning to life , a meaning which expands our horizon to look beyond physical horizons , a process of togetherness to travel in time totality  , a hope and strength during  roller coaster of fortunes , a companion and compass to show and guide on the unknown frontiers .

In our Indian tradition marriage is a sacred knot which one ties not just for one life but for seven more life to come , but this feeling only becomes true when one looks beyond physical realm into spiritual reality , 

There is a beautiful tradition of Hindu Gods that they all have tied only with one life partner , Like Goddess Laxmi with Lord Vishnu , and Goddess Parvati with Lord Shiva .

Same tradition percolates in mind , heart and souls of all loving couples of this world .

we are one such couple who wants to meet each other again and again and again .

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

p.s. ….  Marriage life is a flow of time where we start two in a boat and as we flow with time our Children and Grand Children make this Life Meaningful , Happy and Blissful.

Source Of Universal Love

This Morning of 7 Febuary 2020 , took some pictures in the Vegetable Market .

Seven Colors makes the Spectrum of Light. and first color is Red.

Spectrum of Light is refelected in different colors of Human Skin but behind all colors is light of Divine only .

Sunlight is Source of All colors , so is our SOUL which means Source Of Universal Love .

Love All is the Message of our SUN , SOUL and DIVINE .

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal