Bucket List ?

Water Wheel was a common invention in last Century before the advent of Pump Motors .

Going into same circle again and again of long chain of buckets as well as a circular routine path for Animals and the Man which is similar to our modern day routine Life .

What exactly is the Purpose of Bucket list ?

To Learn New things , visit New Places , the Goals we want to achieve, Dreams we want to fulfill, and life experiences we wish to experience during our life time .

We prepare our Long list of Buckets , some fulfilled and some empty to be filled, act as checklist .

As this Buckets get loaded with our ever ending wish list , many times it becomes a burden on back of our Mind but burden was not the purpose of Bucket list.

Wheel of life fills and empties everyone’s Bucket list , be Happy in between this cycle is True Purpose of Bucket List.

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

original face

Most of the time we search our face value in other’s eyes with numbers of followers and friends


most of the time we get is a inflated picture and some time depleted picture through likes and comments on our post.

Till one will search value in other’s eyes , one will remain without value with all rich titles .

we must research the own value in own eyes through a plain mirror within , which is formed by yoga of Soul and Body or union of timelessness or time and it gives us a true picture of our original face.

Original face is our true identity which is beyond timelessness and time , which is beyond creation and destruction , which is beyond known and unknown what we name as Zero or SAT CHIT ANAND or absolute bliss .

love all

(c) ram H singhal

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Storyteller’s Zen

Storyteller’s Zen

Storyteller’s ZenEncho was a famous storyteller. His tales of love stirred the hearts of his listeners. When he narrated a story of war, it was as if the listeners themselves were in the field of battle.

One day Encho met Yamaoka Tesshu, a layman who had almost embraced masterhood of Zen. “I understand,” said Yamaoka, “you are the best storyteller in out land and that you make people cry or laugh at will. Tell me my favorite story of the Peach Boy. When I was a little tot I used to sleep beside my mother, and she often related this legend. In the middle of the story I would fall asleep. Tell it to me just as my mother did.”

Encho dared not attempt this. He requested time to study. Several months later he went to Yamaoka and said: “Please give me the opportunity to tell you the story.”

“Some other day,” answered Yamaoka.

Encho was keenly disappointed. He studied further and tried again. Yamaoka rejected him many times. When Encho would start to talk Yamaoka would stop him, saying: “You are not yet like my mother.”

It took Encho five years to be able to tell Yamaoka the legend as his mother had told it to him.

In this way, Yamaoka imparted Zen to Encho.

ram0ram foot note …… what took Encho five years to perfect …..to be precise not the words but silence between the words ….. timeless silence in the words of sound ….. so finally at par with love of a mother in storytelling ….

Silence is sacred because even we notice the unnoticed.

noticing …..the unnoticed is enlightenment ……

love all.

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TAO TE CHING = CHAPTER 7 = complete

wisdom notes

Tao Te Ching is a ocean of wisdom and many wise people has translated this …. out of many …..few are listed on this page …… but to give this chapter a symbol which will relate to the essence for chapter 7 = complete ……so thought of ……

Lighthouse …..

a symbol of inner light ….

a symbol of guide in the darkness …..

a symbol of selfless service …….

a symbol of human values …..

so also found a poem ….

The Lighthouse

The mighty lighthouse stands secure,
Undaunted by the restless sea;
Ravaged by the changing tides
And buffeted by winds blown free.

Yet, it sheds its beacon straight and true,
Unfaltering in the bleakest night,
Guiding every passing ship
Uncertain of the course that’s right.

May we be diligent and true,
Dedicated to the right
And like the stalwart lighthouse stand
A beacon in the darkest night.

…Becky Jennings

be a light house for future generations …..be a light house for now …..be guided by our inner light …..

love all.

(c) ram0ram …….freedom to right copy and share

TAO TE CHING = CHAPTER 7 = complete

wisdom notes

Heaven endures; Earth lasts a long time.

The reason why Heaven and Earth can endure and last a long time-

Is that they do not live for themselves.

Therefore they can long endure.

Therefore the Sage:

Puts himself in the background yet finds himself in the foreground;

Puts self-concern out of his mind, yet finds his self-concern is preserved.

Is it not because he has no self-interest,

That he is therefore able to realize his self-interest?

-Translation of Robert G. Henricks

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Tao Te Jing: Chapter 7 = complete

wisdom notes

Heaven and earth last forever.

The reason why heaven and earth last forever
is that they do not live for themselves.
Hence, they last forever.

Therefore, the True Person leaves self behind
and thus is found in front,
is not guarded and thus is preserved,
is self-free and thus is able to find fulfilment.

English text credits : http://www.thebigview.com/tao-te-ching/chapter07.html

Tao Te Ching: Chapter 7 = complete

wisdom notes

Heaven and Earth go on forever.
Because they have no sense of self.

The Wise advance
by holding back.

They lose themselves,
and find the Whole. [*]

Fulfillment comes from selflessness.

translated by Timothy Freke (1999)