The Glow of Your Presence

Where have you taken your sweet song?

Come back and play me a tune.

I never really cared for the things of this world.

It was the glow of your presence

that filled it with beauty.

by Hafiz
(1320 – 1389) 
English version by
David and Sabrineh Fideler

Original Language

Muslim / Sufi
14th Century 

Freedom from Mind

So much from God 
That I can no longer 

A Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, 
a Buddhist, a Jew. 

The Truth has shared so much of Itself 
With me 

That I can no longer call myself 
A man, a woman, an angel, 
Or even a pure 

Love has 
Befriended Hafiz so completely
It has turned to ash 
And freed 

Of every concept and image 
my mind has ever known.

From: ‘The Gift’ 
Translated by Daniel Ladinsky

Love All.

Picture by : ram H singhal

Flute of Divine

Breath in Love ,

Breath out Happiness ,

Be a Flute of Divine.

Love All.

(c) ram H singhal

When the flute is playing
For then I see every movement emanates
From God’s

 by Hafiz
(1320 – 1389) 

On a simple level, the flute is like a plaintive, purified human voice, calling out — an expression of longing.

The flute is also hollow, empty, and it is precisely because of this emptiness that its sound is so pure.

On a more esoteric level, each human being is a living flute. The hollow reed is the sushumna, the central spiritual channel that parallels the spine. The holes of the flute are the chakras that open out from the sushumna.

Living music is produced when the breath of God flows through this hollow reed, producing bliss, producing the sound of God. The sound heard is a soft hum or quiet ringing which gently draws us into the divine embrace.

Love all.

Face of God

Dance, Dervish dance ….

bring the face of god before you.

only love can lift the heart up so high that its true color is restored by the sun!

see him near and clapping, that perfect one who fathers divine rhythm.

o dance, dervish dance ……

and know you bring your master happiness whenever you smile.

last night so many tears took flight because of joy that the sky god crowded and complained

when i discovered god hiding again in my heart

and i could not cease to celebrate.

by Hafiz
(1320 – 1389)

Love All,

(c) ram H singhal

Eyes so Soft

Don’t surrender your loneliness 
So quickly. 
Let it cut more deep. 

Let it ferment and season you 
As few human 
Or even divine ingredients can. 

Something missing in my heart tonight 
Has made my eyes so soft, 
My voice 
So tender, 

My need of God 

Shams al-Din Hafiz

(1325 – 1389 )

Hundreds of prayers

Makkay gayaan, gal mukdee naheen
Pawain sow sow jummay parrh aaeey

Going to Makkah is not the ultimate
Even if hundreds of prayers are offered

Ganga gayaan, gal mukdee naheen
Pawain sow sow gotay khaeeay

Going to River Ganges is not the ultimate
Even if hundreds of cleansing are done

Gaya gayaan gal mukdee naheen
Pawain sow sow pand parrhaeeay

Going to Gaya is not the ultimate
Even if hundreds of worships are done

Bulleh Shah gal taeeyon mukdee
Jadon May nu dillon gawaeeay

Bulleh Shah the ultimate is
When the “I” is removed from the heart!

Bulleya Ki Jaana Main Kaun! – Happy Ho

Syed Abdullah Shah Gilani, known as Bulleh Shah, was a Punjabi philosopher during 17th-century  and He was a Sufi mystic poet and is universally regarded as “The father of Punjabi enlightenment”

Love all

( Complied by : ram H singhal )

Needless to ask

Zen Meditation 101: The History and Principles of Zen

1. जाति न पूछो साध की , पूछ लीजिये ग्यान।
मोल करो तरवार का , पड़ा रहन दो म्यान।

हिंदी व्याख्या – यहाँ कबीर जी कहते हैं कि हमें साधु की जाति नहीं पूछनी चाहिए।  अगर पूछना ही है तो उसका ज्ञान पूछना चाहिए।  उसी प्रकार हमें तलवार का ही मोल-भाव करना चाहिए अथार्थ हमें तलवार को ही मुख्य मानना चाहिए न कि म्यान को।  कहने का भाव है व्यक्ति के असली गुण को ही पूछना चाहिए।

English Explanation and Meaning – Kabir says that we must not ask a saint its Nationality or Caste. If we have to know anything about him that must be his knowledge. In the same way, we must bargain for the sword without giving importance to sheath. In other words,  we must give importance to internal quality.

Kabir Bhajan – Ashwini Deshpande

Love All.

Compiled by : ran H singhal

Power of Love

पोथी पढ़ि पढ़ि जग मुआ, पंडित भया न कोय,
ढाई आखर प्रेम का, पढ़े सो पंडित होय।

“Pothi padhi padi jag mua, pandit bhaya na koi

Dhai akhar prem ka padhe so pandit hoi”

The one who understands the power of love has achieved wisdom, and wisdom may not be measured by the books one reads.

Listen to Popular Kabir Songs by Very popular Abida Parveen.
Listen to Gyanita performing and explaining a beautiful song by Saint Kabir “Maya Taji Na Jaye Avadhu”. This song may make you think about life

Love All.

Compiled by : ran H singhal