Life Partner


Life is a journey and destination together so is a life partner , 

What exactly is a life partner ?

Life partner is a meaning to life , a meaning which expands our horizon to look beyond physical horizons , a process of togetherness to travel in time totality  , a hope and strength during  roller coaster of fortunes , a companion and compass to show and guide on the unknown frontiers .

Ram been lucky to find a fine lady whom I call “Mitu ” off course her name is Mithlesh and our journey of togetherness started on 15 Feb 1976 and today we complete 41 years of blissful bondage to each other .

In our Indian tradition marriage is a sacred knot which one ties not just for one life but for seven more life to come , but this feeling only becomes true when one looks beyond physical realm into spiritual reality , 

There is a beautiful tradition of Hindu trinity Gods that they all have tied only with one life partner , Like Goddess Laxmi with Lord Vishnu , Goddess Parvati with Lord Shiva and Goddess Saraswati with Lord Brahma .

Same tradition percolates in mind , heart and souls of all loving couples of this world .

we are one such couple who wants to meet each other again and again and again .

Love all.

(c) ram0ram 

p.s. ….  life is a flow of time where we start two in a boat and as we flow with time our children and grand children make this life meaningful , happy and blissful.




Happy Birthday

Birthday is new vision ,

a new vision to life ,

a new way to live life ,

a new date with oueselves .

birthday reminds us the purpose of our existence


what life could teach me in last 65 years on earth


to learn from children to live in present .

Children are my guru ,

where we share wisdom in an informal way ,

celebrate life in a formal way ,

exchange gifts of lovely hugs


listen to their chorus of HAPPY BIRTHDAY .

Love all


Bench of wisdom

” Benchmark of all  “

Love is God.

Bench of wisdom 

First view…God is beauty.

Second view….God is happiness.

Third view….God is Compassion.

Fourth View….God is everything and nothing at the same time.

Four fundamentals of a good bench

1. Sound construction. 

2. Safe location.

3. Clean surroundings .

4. Comfortable design.

Benchmark rule

1.Test before rest.

2.Look for warmness of woods.

Good bench has a good backrest .

welcomes everyone with warmness.

Fear to freedom……

In time to beyond time….

Only happiness….

Good bench is lap of God.

(c) ram0ram

freedom to right copy and share

Love is my religion

1 = 1000
Some one ask ……
do you remember God ?…..
I reply…… no
are you a atheist ?
I reply ……no

are you a theist ?

I reply ……no

are you Hindu ?

I reply …

are you Muslim ?

I reply …

are you Christian ?

I reply ….no

after many questions ….

person ask …….

who are you ?

now I reply ….

I am lover of God ..

but you do not remember God ?….

I reply …..because I never forget God ….

what is name of your God ?…..

name has no meaning in love ….


I have no reason to know ….and never ask ……..because have no questions ….what is happiness ?happiness is oneness…….and oneness is vibrating…..

at the same frequency of God …..

that is zero ….

neutral and natural……

how can you find it ?

child growing old loses it….

and old growing child finds it ……

what is Zero ?

Numbers are additions of one into one….
zero is subtraction of one from one …..
Once zero always zero……
even after applying all……
mathematical calculations.

“Zero is religion where all numbers are lost”

All the religion which exists in the name of religion…..

are philosophies ……..

natural love which exists without name is religion.

Love is my religion .

love all .

(c) ram0ram

freedom to right copy and share.