Happiness ??

Language of Essence


Is life a journey or destination ?

If  journey then what for ?

Is not our destination a kind of happiness , which we know the taste , which we taste on and off  but it does not remain timeless , so we search in time through our senses ?

Absence of diseases does mean health but is it total health ?

Is no stress defines happiness ?

Is no thoughts is a reflection for mental Peace ?

I like you because it starts with Y , Y reminds me glass of wine , Y is wisdom , it is one alphabet but to spell you need three alphabets WHY or as ?

? is language of essence.

explore your answer and share

think time ink timelessness.

love all.

(c) ram singhal

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Happiness ?

Language of Essence

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What is happiness ?
is it a state of consciousness or state of our mind?
Is it a whole being or hole being ?
Is it a subjective state or objective ?
Is it a state of being alone or all one ?
Is it a peace in or pieces in?
Is it self contained or shelf attained?
Is it in time or beyond time?
Is it experience or expression?
Is it a journey or a destination?
Is it time or timelessness?
Is it a question or answer?
Think and ink now.
love all.
(c) ram kishore singhal

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