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Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 4, Verse 18

कर्मण्यकर्म य: पश्येदकर्मणि च कर्म य: |
स बुद्धिमान्मनुष्येषु स युक्त: कृत्स्नकर्मकृत् || 18||

BG 4.18: Those who see Action in Nonaction and Nonaction in Action are truly Wise amongst Humans.

Although performing all kinds of actions, they remain a Witness to All.

To explain it easily let us imagine Car and a Driver …… Car as our Body and Driver as our Soul ….. to move the Car we gear it ….which is Attachment of wheels with the Power of the Engine so it is In Action.

But Driver can be in the Neutral Gear or in a State of Detachment while changing the Gears and Movement of Car so it in Nonaction

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Like to write this article I have geared my brain and fingers to type on my computer but my Consciousness is in a neutral Gear Witnessing Action and Nonaction happening together .

Witnessing the Action and Nonaction together with Neutrality is Yoga of Body , Mind and Soul and simplest way to Taste Peace and Happiness of Every Moment .

Enlightenment is….. Tasting every Moment with Peace and Happiness.

Love All.

(c) ram H singhal

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Most Important Person

In 2013 while Travelling with my Grandson Yajvin who was just 7 years enquired about his Great Grandfather and when explained that he is no more on Earth so with God .

Suddenly my Grandson wanted a promise from me and when I promised him for sure ….. he started speaking ……. Grand Papa be on earth when I am young and blessed with a baby so I could say to my Baby ……. Look at your Great Grandfather .

I was flabbergasted , this small wise boy has made me one of the most important person of his life .

Same day I was with my Dentist Dr. Supreet , told her that I need my Teeth intact for another 25 years , when asked why this ? ….. explained about my conversation with my Grandson .

Moral of this is to Make your Near and Dear ones feel important in your life , it will give them a positive mindset and needed in this world , it will increase their life span like my Grandson has given me a yearning and further meaning in my life .

Enlightenment is ….. making Every Human Feel Important in Life .

Love All.

(c) ram H singhal

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What is Enlightenment ? Part 4

What is Enlightenment ? Part 5

Mystery of Zero

Let the mystery open with the story from Chandogya Upanishad ( 8th to 6th century BC ) .

Sage Uadalak is greeting the 24 Year old Svetaketu as he has returned as a distinguished Scholar after learning all the Vedas, but with excessive pride in oneself with micro vision of Logical Intelligence

His father who is a Spiritual Sage feel disillusioned after a pause , speak “Svetaketu, my child, you are so full of your learning but Have you known the one by knowing which you will know every one ?

Do you have now the Knowledge by which one can hear what can not be heard , by which one can see what can not be seen and by which one can know what can not be known ?

Svetaketu, honestly accepts the ignorance and sat down to listen to father’s wisdom.

“As by knowing one lump of clay all that is made of clay is known – so, my child, is that knowledge, knowing which we know all.” and Which is inherent in all .

Which is neither Feminine nor Masculine , neither Light nor Darkness, neither Sound nor Silence, neither Heard nor Unheard, neither Positive nor Negative, neither Taste nor Tasteless, only that which is Constant and Eternal pervades beyond Creation and Destruction so in Vedanta Vision of Hinduism describes this as NETI NETI …Neither this Nor that .

Energy Equation of Cosmos is Zero so is the Atom.

So we can Name it as ZERO which is before and after BIG BANG .

( The best-supported theory of our universe’s origin centers on an event known as the Big Bang. )

What is this ZERO ? which Many civilizations has given name as OM , Allah , God , Tao and many others ……. Why ….. we will explore in What is Enlightenment ? Part 4

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

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What is Enlightenment ? Part 3

What is Enlightenment ? Part 4

Why I Write ?

My Grandson Yajvin in 2015 ask …. why my Hair Black and your Grey .

replied , Black for learning and Grey for reflecting .

his next question was …. are you reflecting ?

one of the reason for my writing .

Children are Enlightened Masters but unaware of their Source of Blissful Happiness while Playing but a Matured Enlightened Master is one who is Aware of Source of Blissful Happiness while Living .

Life is a lost and found Phenomena , Most of us forget about our inner source and start exploring in outer resources for Name and Fame during life time in hope to find back the same Blissful Timeless Happiness of our Childhood .

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Prince Gautama ( 563 B.C. to 483 B.C. ) abandon wife and little Child in Hope of this taste of True Happiness and after 6 years experimenting with all possible spiritual and ritual practices get tired and Sat under the PIPAL tree in silence and in that silence rediscovers the taste Again of inner Source , Becomes own Hallmark of knowing and announced himself next morning …. A Buddha ……. Awakened one .

On Death – by Alexander the Great | Doctor2008's Weblog

Alexander the Great in 323 BC realized on the Death Bed … his Conquests of the known World , his Great Army, his Sharp Sword and all his Enormous Wealth were of no consequence to reach his dream of finding again that lost source of timeless blissful Happiness.

The king felt exhausted , called his generals and said, , please carry out my last wish …… let my both hands be kept dangling out of my coffin”. so let World Know that most powerful person left with empty hands .

How to find this lost Source of Eternal of happiness effortlessly again what we normally define as Enlightenment is my purpose of writing my blog .

Love this quote by Zen Master Takuan  who wrote eight Chinese characters on Time which always inspires me 24 x 7 .

Not twice this day
Inch time foot gem.
This day will not come again.
Each minute is worth a priceless gem.

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

What is Enlightenment ? Part 1

What is Enlightenment ? Part 2

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What is Enlightenment ?

Energy equation of Cosmos as well as of Atom also is Zero , it means Macro and Micro both are governed by a Common Law which is Nature of Cosmic Consciousness or Energy Zero known as Dharma ( धर्म ) In Indian Language Hindi and can be referred as Religion

( Religion is a scientific Term to define nature of Energy Zero …….not the different paths we named as Religions of the world ).

Indian and particularly Hinduism Mythological Stories are Full of Scientific and Spiritual Wisdom .

Stories and Images are Visual and Memory languages which helps reader and listener understand and remember the wisdom of Science and Spirituality .

We use this method even in modern education when we Create A for Apple ,,,,,, B for Boy …… C for Cat and so on as Child have associations with them in Daily life .

The spiritual Scientist of Hinduism created thousand of years ago a Image to define this Universal Conscious or Energy Zero as Lord Vishnu ( विष्णु ) which Literal meaning also is Universal Consciousness .

Vishnu in deep sleep on Adi Sesha - All About Hinduism

This iconography of Lord Vishnu, is depicted as reclining on the Serpent Ananta of Five Senses in a Awakened State of Mind , and floating in an Ocean of Water ( water is Zero Calorie ) which is Blissful Space of Mind on waves of Contentment .

Vishnu is a State of Universal Conscious which Balances the energy Equation of Zero , which Other civilization referred as God And Allah and many other names …..

Enlightenment is ….. Consciousness experiencing this Awakened State and Blissful Space of Mind .

( From Vishnu’s navel arises a lotus within which the creator Brahma Cosmos is born. )

( in the Next part 2 ….. we will understand scientifically Purpose of Cosmic creation and purpose of our life on Earth through Mythological Iconography and structure of Atom. )

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

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