Referee = Love All.


Yesterday Night I was Awake to witness Rover’s landing from Chandrayan 2 on Moon surface and also Semifinal Tennis Matches of US Open 2019.

Science has opened new frontiers of cosmology , Radiology , Physiology , Psychology,and many more for wellness of Human race . the greatest gift of Science is time in our Life Span. How to utilize it with LOVE ALL.

Like Tennis as a sport from college days and best part is it that it starts with Universal message of ” LOVE ALL “. Referee is a symbol of Witnessing the game of life with Neutral and Natural Mind with Awareness , Alertness and Attentiveness .

Be Referee in Game of life and ” LOVE ALL “.

Your inputs are welcome .

OWN ZERO is a Wisdom Channel on Youtube . it has collection of morning meditation walks monologues by ram H singhal.

(c) ram H singhal

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