Purpose of Music

Saturday is my day of music .

As such all days are days of music only .

This picture saw on facebook some years back which reminded me the purpose of music and that is oneness with everything.

Music is a wave length and as oneness of Sound and Silence increases …. so is the transformation from Time dimension to Timeless Dimension .

and this brings ability to converse with first humans……

then with animals…. , 

then with trees….. , 

then with nature…. 

and then with every atom……. 

and finally with cosmic divine ……

we may refer as OM, ALLAH, GOD or name of our choice ,

Listen and love this beautiful Timeless afternoon Music by Ashwini Bhide Deshpande – Raga Bhimpalasi

Love all.

Compiled for Saturday Music Blog

Flow of Silence

by ram H singhal