Henry Fonda

Henry Fonda ( 1905 – 1982 ) was American stage and Film actor who appeared in more than 90 films over six decades and created quintessential American heroes known for their integrity. 

I hope you won’t be disappointed. You see I am not a very interesting person. I haven’t ever done anything except be other people.

I ain’t really Henry Fonda!

Nobody could be.

Nobody could have that much integrity.

Henry Fonda

If there is something in my eyes, a kind of honesty in the face, then I guess you could say that’s the man I’d like to be, the man I want to be.

Henry Fonda

I look like my father. To this day, when I walk past a mirror and see my reflection in it, my first impression is: That’s my father. There is a strong Fonda look.

Henry Fonda

I don’t really like myself. Never did. People mix me up with the characters I play. I’m not a great guy like Doug Roberts [in ‘Mister Roberts’]. I’d like to be but I’m not. Henry Fonda

Movie of the Week 24 : Fort Apache (1948)

Classic Movie Ramblings: Fort Apache (1948)

Fonda goes toe-to-toe with the mighty John Wayne in Fort Apache, John Ford’s American-Indian western. Fonda plays disgraced Civil War Lt. Colonel Owen Thursday, who along with his daughter Philadelphia (Shirley Temple), makes his way to the native Fort Apache war outpost.

When Owen arrives at the fort, he tangles horns with Captain Kirby York (Wayne), an expert on Apache life who teaches the Colonel and his daughter a thing or two.

Movie of the Week 24 : Young Mr. Lincoln (1939)

The early, pre-Presidential upbringing of Abraham Lincoln is the subject of John Ford’s Young Mr. Lincoln. Fonda plays the idealistic future 16th President of the United States in the film.

The film spans ten years in the early life of Lincoln, as he moves from Kentucky to Illinois to become a lawyer and begin to start his own legal practice.

As Lincoln defends two men accused of murder, he also deals with the death of his girlfriend Ann and begins to woo his future wife, Mary Todd. The film ends with Lincoln deciding on a future in politics.

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