Flow of Silence

Mehdi Hassan the living legend of Pakistan , was considered one of the most  successful  ghazal singers of Pakistan He was born on July 18,1927  in a village called Luna in Rajhistan. He was classically trained in music by his father Ustad Azeem Khan and his uncle Ustad Ismail Khan who were both well respected classical musicians. 

Hassan started his career as a radio singer in1957 ,it was the time when Ustad Barkat Ali, Akhtar Begum and Mukhtar Begum were the most prominent singing icons of radio and it was considered impossible to find opportunities for a new singer . Mehdi Hassan was encouraged by the greats of his time and continued his efforts. Mehdi Hassan had a natural spark and  came from a strong musical background ..He started singing ghazals on part time basis but eventually it became his passion . He later went on to become one…

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