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Time table

time table

My grand daughter 7 years always bring some kind of a intelligent quiz so this morning her quiz to me was ……… it is a table but not of wood or iron but it is flexible and folding ? …..After lot of thinking as I could not answer so looked towards her for my silent defeat which is the main cause of her asking these quiz so she proudly explained ……. time table so I asked what is the use of time table …… so with smile she replied …… to eat time wisely ….Many time I share the wisdom of this eating time wisely ……. off course there are hundreds of time management techniques and methods but a wisdom should be such which a child as well as a educated young and old could understand with minimum effort … of social conversations is to create short , sweet and simple methods so a human can fulfill health , family , work ,and social obligations and to perform them in limited time one needs to make priorities and list them as per their importance ….so to understand this importance I suggest them with four steps ….

1. Air ……. as we can not live without it for more than a minute or two so select from the list of works of this nature and number them as URGENT or U1 , U2 , U3 , U4 , and so on …..

2. Water ….. as we cannot live without water for more than few hours so select from the list of works of this nature and number them as IMPORTANT or I1 , I2 , I3 , I4 , and so on …..

3. Food ….. as we cannot live without food for more than a day so select from the list of works of this nature and number them as GENERAL or G1 , G2 , G3 , G4 , and so on …..

4. Chocolate …… as we can live without chocolate for more than a week or month so select from the list of works of this nature and number them as MISCELLANEOUS or M1 , M2 , M3 , M4 , and so on …..

so to list them as per nature and must try to complete them all in a balanced manner will give us a blissful and healthy meal of time …… knowing to work on the right task as right time will give us a life of peace love and happiness ……

and not completing the work in order from urgent to miscellaneous will make miscellaneous and general works climbing the ladder of urgent ….making life stressful , lack of quality time ……for self , family and society.

this is my own personal way of life with which I walked from New Delhi to New York with ease and always had abundance of time for myself , family , and work and society and sports and music ….. and with same ease now a days write with happiness all my different pages ….on different subjects ….

love all.

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Tao Te Jing = 6 = Experience = ram0ram wisdom note

 Experience is a riverbed, 
Its source hidden, forever flowing:
Its entrance, the root of the world,
The Way moves within it:
Draw upon it; it will not run dry.

Above Image and original texts credits

Tao Te Jing = 6 = Experience = ram0ram wisdom noteRaft along the river of life……

witness how different civilizations refer water with totally different names…..

but essence of all different names is to quench thirst only…….

the same way to quench the inner thirst for eternal happiness……

from the hidden source … it TAO , OM , ALLAH , GOD or name of our 

choice …..or remain without choice…..

To drink the nectar of this eternal happiness with every breath is experience. .

love all.

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Tao Te Jing = 3 = Without Action = ram0ram wisdom note

Not praising the worthy prevents contention,
Not esteeming the valuable prevents theft,
Not displaying the beautiful prevents desire.

In this manner the sage governs people:
Emptying their minds,
Filling their bellies,
Weakening their ambitions,
And strengthening their bones.

If people lack knowledge and desire
Then they can not act;
If no action is taken
Harmony remains.

Above Image and original texts credits:

Tao Te Jing = 3 = Without Action = ram0ram wisdom note

appointment with Tao

Cycle of time…….outside.

Shoes of wealth……outside.

Cash and cars……outside.

Family and friends……outside.

Only happiness and harmony……..inside.

Love all.

(c) ram0ram ……… freedom to right copy and share

Tao Te Jing = timeless wisdom of Lao Tze

Lao Tzu

[Lao Tzu]

Biography of Lao Tzu – Founder of Taoism

It’s hard to pin down a biography of Lao Tzu (570-490 BC). There are numerous legends about him. Many believe he never existed at all, while historians can point to several possible historical identities for him. Regardless, the legends give the book an endearing, human face. They all place him in Luoyang (marked in this map), the ancient capital of China.

China map

Confucius and Lao Tzu

The most famous legends are of how he came to write the Tao and of his meeting with Confucius 
(pictured below; click for larger version of image):

Around the 6th century B.C.E. Greece had Plato and Socrates; India had the Buddha and China had Confucius and Lao Tzu. Born in Ch’u (present-day Henan Province), Lao Tzu ([small Lao Tzu]), which literally means “old master”, is also sometimes referred to as Lao Tan or Li Er. 

Confucius meets Lao TzuHe was appointed Keeper of the Imperial Archives by the King of Zhou in Luoyang. He studied the archive’s books avidly and his insight grew.

Hearing of Lao Tzu’s wisdom, Confucius travelled to meet him. Confucius put a lot of emphasis on traditional rituals, customs and rites. 

Confucius asked Lao Tzu about performing rites and rituals. Lao Tzu replied: “The bones of the people you are talking about have long since turned to dust! Only their words linger on. If a man’s time comes, he will be successful; if not, he will not be successful. A successful merchant hides his wealth and a noble person of character will feign foolishness. Therefore, you should give up your proud airs, your desires, vanity and extravagant claims! They are useless to you.

Later Confucius later told his students:
Birds can fly,
Fish can swim,
Animals can run,
So they can all be snared or trapped.

But Lao Tzu is like a flying Dragon, un-trappable.

Traditional Chinese painting of Lao Tzu
leaving LuoYang on an Ox

Much later, Lao Tzu perceived that the kingdom’s affairs were disintegrating , so it was time to leave. He was travelling West on a buffalo when he came to the Han Gu Pass, which was guarded. The keeper of the pass realised Lao Tzu was leaving permanently, so he requested that Lao Tzu write out some of his wisdom so that it could be preserved once he was gone (pictured on the right). 

Lao Tzu climbed down from his buffalo and immediately wrote the Tao Te Ching. He then left and was never heard of again.

Image and text credits

p.s….. thought to present this timeless wisdom in contemporary context in essence in 81 wisdom notes ……steno at work again… all.

why we pray in temples , mosques , churches or a holy place ?

One time travelling with friends by car and it was evening time so we all stopped near a temple as all my friends wanted to join the evening Aarti or pooja or prayers …..that time looking at the rituals performed thought there must be a scientific and spiritual meaning behind all these…..what exactly we do in a pooja?…

1 ….we decorate the lord…..the beauty…..for our eyes…..
2…..we ignite a oil lamp…..the light and beauty….also for eyes…
3 …..we burn incense …..for fragrance……for nose….
4 ….we offer flowers…..for fragrance and sensitivity and beauty….for touch….
5…..we have a bell ringing……for music and ears……
6…..we offer food……creativity and taste……
7 …we sing bhajans…..for oneness right and left brain and memory….
a science is a method by which in very small time we perform much larger work……going to a temple which is a place of creativity and spiritual science……which knowingly…… unknowingly …..creates oneness of senses and as per the latest scientific report …art and music brings happiness in mind….
figures of Psychologists per 100,000 inhabitants
Argentina: 121.2
Denmark: 85
Finland: 79
Switzerland: 76
Norway: 68
Germany: 51.5
Canada: 35
Brazil: 31.8
USA: 31.1
Ecuador: 29.1
in India this number is less than 3 per millions……
Hindu been a great scientific and spiritual society so has been different societies around the world and in all the societies spiritual practices there has been science and sacredness modified to suit the geographical, social, envoinmental and economic conditions. but basic aim has been love and happiness only. With time many spiritual practices…..some where it has become rituals also….but still they serve the purpose which used to be meditation earlier now at least medicine…..but still keep society together.
take time out.. go to a temple….mosque or a church or the worship place of your choice ….feel the spirituality…..see the people….see their emotions….see the faith…..feel the sensitiviness if can not go there come outside in the garden feel the breeze….look at the full moon….. life is a journey of creative enlightenment….and going to sacred places or in nature is taste of that enlightenment.
hope this post make little sense to all the readers ….
love all.

what is spirituality ?

eternity is dancing on eternity like football… our soul inside the body….. timeless in time ….

purpose of life is to mirror the eternal ….neither light nor darkness…..neither past nor future…. which is present….love….beauty …happiness …..all feeling….and to feel one need to be sensitive and for that we have finest and most expensive body machine with ten senses …..

Like our body what ever we eat…..knows only language of essence and waste…..body accepts essence in form of blood … is flushed out as waste….

so all our senses should know the language of essence….
so what ever we consume through these senses should bring the 
essence as love, beauty , happiness and present…….

knowing this language of essence is spirituality….

and that can happen with making every breath as prayer and grace of God
……making every work as worship of work …and seeing God in every Atom like Bhakta Prahalad…..or MIra….. and all enlightened masters ….and children.

SWETKETU being asked by the parents that ….have you known one by knowing which you will know everyone ?… be sensitive to taste the taste behind all tastes……but as a true human.

like ASTHAVAKRA in the royal assembly of King Janak……. I thought to came to gathering of wisdom people but to my dismay you look at my body….which is just the cover……leather only not the essence inside.

Body is our real guru because of this only we can mirror God….a.temple of God … keep it clean outside and more important keep it clean inside….then in every atom…….OM appears……ALLAH appears …..God appears….our childhood friend appears as ….now , love , beauty, happiness what many call SAT CHIT ANAND……

living with this feeling every breath is spirituality…..

love all.

do we need a Guru ?

Think system of God….by air ( spirit ) we are all one…..with body we are all separate …..and one has a freedom to choose water and food….

In India we have a round sweet ball….made up with hundreds of small ball…..called LADOO….the unique character of this sweet is no body crush no body… each ball is a complete ball in itself….so is atom……but in our world most of the new culture are made in a pyramidal way….with a well- defined hierarchy…..with top …inner circles to many many circles…. people at top are afraid of heights…and people at bottom get crushed because of load…..but most of them in time to come becomes a robotic organisation….with same uniforms….same rituals….and a simple follower become a bonded labourer……their head claim to got enlightened in few days but followers are there for last so many years… think of a real freedom…. 

who is better…..a person taking medicine or a person naturally healthy…?
mostly one will say …..person naturally healthy…..

in time of confusion or stress or feel lost we look for a guru, guide, preacher, inspirational coach, management consultant who will suggest stress management sciences including meditation , yoga, enchanting, and many type of simple to complicated practices which may give some powers …… but all these have nothing to do with health or God……so if people follow gurus … means there is a lot of stress….it may be body , mind, and soul stress ,……it may be a proactive or reactive medicine but this is not the health…..

Lord Krsna in Gita … name and one flower is enough… a child one good morning to parents is enough….and one goodnight is more than enough ….we do not create our children to pray to us ….than how God can create us to pray ?…..flower represents sensitiveness and softness……so if a person is not sensitive towards others and enchant the name of God… not at all near to God…

what one need is a guide to teach ….how to drive a car and guide once satisfied leaves you to self driving ….only self driving will give you courage and freedom…..Gurus are like a bus journey…one may feel secure among many others in the beginning but steering is not with you…so one hardly learns….

look for a coach within….God is a good coach… itself is a good coach….

All the religion which exists in the name of religion are philosophies, natural love which exists without name is religion.

Love is universal truth.

love all.

Is there life after Death ?

Many people ask…… is there life after death ?
answer is…… Yes ….Yes….. and Yes…..

Either people believe there is current or people do not believe there is current.
Knowing the current is religion ,
knowing the use of current is science,
Believing…. and not believing ………both are philosophies.

All the philosophies after the holy people were made to benefit the common humans and humanity to make life beautiful and to communicate different findings of nature ( Science ) , the medium of philosophies was used looking to that particular time, country , people, geographical conditions and the situations existing in those particular areas.
You can find out from the following examples that most of the rituals in all the existing philosophies were practical solutions of those situations in that particular time.

Imagine civilizations in sand desert before 1000 years in hot climatic conditions ….vast sea of sand all around, no water …..,no trees…………,no rivers,…….. a person dies…….. . For disposal of dead body suggest a way……….

One of the possible scientific way is to dig sand which is easy and put it inside the ground and put a respect stone above ground so no body should dig there again like Islamic culture and some more cultures. Other possible scientific way is to put dead body on a high tower for natural disintegration to happen like Zoroastrian culture.

Now imagine civilizations in tropical and subtropical climatic conditions in mountains and near rivers plains before thousands of years plenty of trees and water rivers so possible scientific way could be to burn dead bodies or throw the bodies in rivers after observing last rites like Indian Hinduism culture and some more cultures with mixed scientific climatic requirements.

Now imagine civilizations in the extreme cold conditions year around and in partial cold and rain conditions before thousands of years with plenty of trees and rivers and without also so one of the possible scientific way could be to have wooden coffins , put the dead body inside observing last rites and put inside the ground and a respect stone above ground so no body should dig there again like Christian culture and some more cultures.

So try to analyse every rituals which were basic needs of that particular time and possible medium of communications to spread new findings of nature (science ) was only through these philosophies which were named as religion or say were made to provide better way of life.

Religion in short is like sea where all the rivers of different philosophies could merge to have same level.
Science is to know nature, religion is to know God .
Science and religion are two ends of one chain only.

When I die……..
Use electric crematorium and burn no tree….
As tree can sustain and support further lives
And even mine if I come back on earth…..
Burn no tree as smoke creates pollution.
When I die……..
O God !…… it should not rain, nor it be very hot or cold…… people should not suffer.
When I die……..
Donate my body and parts,
Eyes to light someone’s life.
When I die……..
Please, Do not cry….
As a journey has finished and
another has commenced.

this article inspired by above poem by Chander Shekhar

W.O.W = Worship Of Work ?



1 = 1000W.O.W = worship of work …….what is worship of work ?

we will understand with the role of a mother and a nurse……

The nurse performs the work as duty….but mother performs the work as ….Dharma or worship of work……so role of nurse is ritual or practical….and role of mother is spiritual……so three letters…..s p i missing in ritual…..s means sensitiveness…..p as prayer…work as prayer of God….i means inspirations… any work which has sensitive prayer inspirations is spiritual….and rest could be practical or ritual..

Vedanta vision say….food is God….and cooking is one of the finest spiritual prayer of God…..
one of my friend is a great classical singer….
one day she ask me how can she improve the music ?…..
I tell her to cook meal at least once a week….
cooking is sensitiveness and oneness of senses….
God is in every atom so worship of work starts
with cleaning…to cooking…..a meal created with love brings taste of God….
and accept food as grace of God….
cooking and eating meal this way is spiritual…..

Prepare a (potato dish ) alu pratha or chapati at home and order the same from a restaurant….. leave them for one hour…..both are made with same materials……now which one we can eat….home or the restaurant ?…..and why ?

we will always eat the pratha/chapatti which has been prepared at home. While cooking the meal our love, dedication is involved so the home food has longer life and the pratha remains soft not only till the evening…..but till next morning…..
 the cook in the restaurant makes ….this as duty…..
taste and softness will depend on the love and devotion of the cook towards own work….
with modern time inner love is decreasing and this reduces the life of the food…..
so food becomes hard….hardness is symbol of insensitivity…
hence we will not like to eat this paratha……
this work can be termed as practical and ritual…..
working like a robot…no or little emotions…

Love gives longer life to every thing
that is the reason music, art, and wisdom last for thousand of years
like…Veda , Gita, temples, Taj Mahal……
all these are worship of work with love….this is spiritual…..
enjoy worship of work….breath to breath ….that is spiritual living…..
love all…
(c) ram0ram 
freedom to right copy and share