Roger Federer

Roger Federer pulls out of 2021 French Open .

A legendary Swiss player, who dominated the sport in the early 21st century with his exceptional all-around game.

His total of 20 career men’s singles Grand Slam championships (a feat later matched by Rafael Nadal ) is the most in tennis history.

Federer won his third-round match on Saturday

“After discussions with my team, I’ve decided I will need to pull out of Roland-Garros today,” Federer said in a Sunday statement. “After two knee surgeries and over a year of rehabilitation.

” it’s important that I listen to my body ” and make sure I don’t push myself too quickly on my road to recovery.

I am thrilled to have gotten three matches under my belt. There is no greater feeling than being back on the court.”

It is and it has been always mesmerized by the effortless play from the Swiss Master since 2000 . Still have memory of Wimbledon 2001 where he defeated another great champion Pete Sampras and the last Saturday at French Open 2021 third round match.

Love all.

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Enlightenment is …..

Enlightenment is ….. Grace of every movement outside and Gratitude of every moment inside.

Tennis – French Open – Roland Garros, Paris, France – October 11, 2020 Spain’s Rafael Nadal celebrates with the trophy after winning the French Open final against Serbia’s Novak Djokovic ‘ credits : REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

Rafael Nadal emotional after the victory

Nadal broke down when Spain’s national anthem was being played and became emotional during the post-match presentation.

During the on – court  interview , Nadal talked about the tumultuous year because of the coronavirus pandemic and revealed that Roland Garros meant everything to him.

King of Clay Nadal defeated Djokovic on Sunday for his 13th championship at Roland Garros, and now at par in Greatness with Roger Federer’s 20 singles titles in Grand Slam tournaments.

Watching these Great champions in a Grand Slam Matches is just a Celebration of Life , Lucky to have witnessed one of Them in New York during U.S. Open 1994 and On Television Since 1984 .

Love all.

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God = Goal keeper caption

eternity is dancing on eternity like football .

football has space inside and outside and between the two is leather …….. this leather is our time body and space inside and outside is our timelessness  soul ……. what is the purpose of leather or body …….. in modern science one need to determine the nature of a matter ….. to determine the nature a fragment is put under microscopic vision to know true nature …….. may be our body is a microscope to find the true nature of timeless soul ……. the eternity …… what many may call self-realization .

there are different games …… different rules ……. different fields ……. some open and large play ground some closed and small play ground …….. all games have their coaches who train the players to be a winner ……. a true coach is who after training leaves the player to play independently and also collectively with other players …….

captain is a leader who should be like a Goal keeper captain in football ……. a Goal keeper always encourages own team members to score but in time of emergency ready to take a penalty stroke alone .

God is a good captain always encourage everybody to score in life remaining behind .

love all.

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Art of watching

Good and God’s morning …… 

Losing is not my enemy..fear of losing is my enemy.
Rafael Nadal

Seven-time defending championRafael Nadal will face World No. 1 Novak Djokovic in a blockbuster final at the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters after the Spaniard beat Frenchman Gilles Simon 6-3, 6-4 on Saturday.

World No. 1 Novak Djokovicreached the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters final for the second time on Saturday as he battled windy conditions and an in-form Tomas Berdych to prevail 4-6, 6-3, 6-2.

In the final on Sunday 22 April 2012 , Djokovic will attempt to dethrone seven-time reigning champion Rafael Nadal

Yesterday I was watching both the semifinals and both were fine matches …… 

today I will explain how I watch a match in its totality …… and in every tournament there are 2 or 3 matches which really enlighten you with joy watching players perfection and totality and grace ……

normally when ever we watch a match ….. knowingly or unknowingly our mind gets inclined to either of the players so normally on a match day we have fans of both players and some neutral watchers which are rare ….

when ever we are inclined to anybody win on a point ….our mind starts predicting the outcome before it happens and in this prediction we lose the beauty of that moment or point …..

so who enjoy the game most …..if you watch with a neutral vision ….. you will witness finer points and beauty of game …..

a neutral referee witness a game ….. to become neutral referee is to witness love game of God ….. that is life 

but to be a good referee ….one has to be a good player first … play the role of life with truthfulness and totality and making every shot or every step of life as worship of work and going through win and lose in life games to gain depth of understanding will train us to be a good referee ….

to become good referee is to live in present and eternal happiness ….

watch game of life with neutral vision to unfold the mystery of God …

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Tennis = love game of God

Journey of creative enlightenment

journey of creative enlightenment is a photo art blog ….so will show one artist work 

but let us remember and ….

See how beautifully….. God has added one more day in our life…….life is a celebrations of everyday as birthday….Happy Birthday to everyone …….with all the good wishes and greetings …..

love all

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Encouragement …….a silent relationship

Good and God’s morning …..

watched live 26 night match …. rare win for Andy Roddick over Roger Federer in 3rd round at SONY ERICSSON OPEN, Miami, U.S.A.

Andy Roddick beat Roger Federer for only the third time in their 24 meetings Monday night, dominating with his serve to win 7-6 (4), 1-6, 6-4 in the third round …. 

it was a great match but more great is to watch a relationship developing inside the court between the spectators and players ….. so I will try to discuss how relationship develops and how it effects our life ….. what kind of relationship can last longer …

can we watch a match without developing a silent liking for a team or player ….. normally no …..most of the time we are inclined towards a player who belongs to our country or to our silent liking inside our mind …. as today match is happening in U.S.A and most of the spectators are American and their encouragement made Andy Roddick to put a fine performance after a long time …..

one thing I could understand is encouragement is a kind of relationship which makes a human winner in its mind ….

mind also is a relationship between soul and body ….. God also is a relationship which encourages every human ….. encourage everyone is a good relationship with our self ….

harmony with in is peace of mind ….and peace of mind is a real winner …..

love all.

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what is spirituality ?

eternity is dancing on eternity like football… our soul inside the body….. timeless in time ….

purpose of life is to mirror the eternal ….neither light nor darkness…..neither past nor future…. which is present….love….beauty …happiness …..all feeling….and to feel one need to be sensitive and for that we have finest and most expensive body machine with ten senses …..

Like our body what ever we eat…..knows only language of essence and waste…..body accepts essence in form of blood … is flushed out as waste….

so all our senses should know the language of essence….
so what ever we consume through these senses should bring the 
essence as love, beauty , happiness and present…….

knowing this language of essence is spirituality….

and that can happen with making every breath as prayer and grace of God
……making every work as worship of work …and seeing God in every Atom like Bhakta Prahalad…..or MIra….. and all enlightened masters ….and children.

SWETKETU being asked by the parents that ….have you known one by knowing which you will know everyone ?… be sensitive to taste the taste behind all tastes……but as a true human.

like ASTHAVAKRA in the royal assembly of King Janak……. I thought to came to gathering of wisdom people but to my dismay you look at my body….which is just the cover……leather only not the essence inside.

Body is our real guru because of this only we can mirror God….a.temple of God … keep it clean outside and more important keep it clean inside….then in every atom…….OM appears……ALLAH appears …..God appears….our childhood friend appears as ….now , love , beauty, happiness what many call SAT CHIT ANAND……

living with this feeling every breath is spirituality…..

love all.

do we need a Guru ?

Think system of God….by air ( spirit ) we are all one…..with body we are all separate …..and one has a freedom to choose water and food….

In India we have a round sweet ball….made up with hundreds of small ball…..called LADOO….the unique character of this sweet is no body crush no body… each ball is a complete ball in itself….so is atom……but in our world most of the new culture are made in a pyramidal way….with a well- defined hierarchy…..with top …inner circles to many many circles…. people at top are afraid of heights…and people at bottom get crushed because of load…..but most of them in time to come becomes a robotic organisation….with same uniforms….same rituals….and a simple follower become a bonded labourer……their head claim to got enlightened in few days but followers are there for last so many years… think of a real freedom…. 

who is better…..a person taking medicine or a person naturally healthy…?
mostly one will say …..person naturally healthy…..

in time of confusion or stress or feel lost we look for a guru, guide, preacher, inspirational coach, management consultant who will suggest stress management sciences including meditation , yoga, enchanting, and many type of simple to complicated practices which may give some powers …… but all these have nothing to do with health or God……so if people follow gurus … means there is a lot of stress….it may be body , mind, and soul stress ,……it may be a proactive or reactive medicine but this is not the health…..

Lord Krsna in Gita … name and one flower is enough… a child one good morning to parents is enough….and one goodnight is more than enough ….we do not create our children to pray to us ….than how God can create us to pray ?…..flower represents sensitiveness and softness……so if a person is not sensitive towards others and enchant the name of God… not at all near to God…

what one need is a guide to teach ….how to drive a car and guide once satisfied leaves you to self driving ….only self driving will give you courage and freedom…..Gurus are like a bus journey…one may feel secure among many others in the beginning but steering is not with you…so one hardly learns….

look for a coach within….God is a good coach… itself is a good coach….

All the religion which exists in the name of religion are philosophies, natural love which exists without name is religion.

Love is universal truth.

love all.

Is there life after Death ?

Many people ask…… is there life after death ?
answer is…… Yes ….Yes….. and Yes…..

Either people believe there is current or people do not believe there is current.
Knowing the current is religion ,
knowing the use of current is science,
Believing…. and not believing ………both are philosophies.

All the philosophies after the holy people were made to benefit the common humans and humanity to make life beautiful and to communicate different findings of nature ( Science ) , the medium of philosophies was used looking to that particular time, country , people, geographical conditions and the situations existing in those particular areas.
You can find out from the following examples that most of the rituals in all the existing philosophies were practical solutions of those situations in that particular time.

Imagine civilizations in sand desert before 1000 years in hot climatic conditions ….vast sea of sand all around, no water …..,no trees…………,no rivers,…….. a person dies…….. . For disposal of dead body suggest a way……….

One of the possible scientific way is to dig sand which is easy and put it inside the ground and put a respect stone above ground so no body should dig there again like Islamic culture and some more cultures. Other possible scientific way is to put dead body on a high tower for natural disintegration to happen like Zoroastrian culture.

Now imagine civilizations in tropical and subtropical climatic conditions in mountains and near rivers plains before thousands of years plenty of trees and water rivers so possible scientific way could be to burn dead bodies or throw the bodies in rivers after observing last rites like Indian Hinduism culture and some more cultures with mixed scientific climatic requirements.

Now imagine civilizations in the extreme cold conditions year around and in partial cold and rain conditions before thousands of years with plenty of trees and rivers and without also so one of the possible scientific way could be to have wooden coffins , put the dead body inside observing last rites and put inside the ground and a respect stone above ground so no body should dig there again like Christian culture and some more cultures.

So try to analyse every rituals which were basic needs of that particular time and possible medium of communications to spread new findings of nature (science ) was only through these philosophies which were named as religion or say were made to provide better way of life.

Religion in short is like sea where all the rivers of different philosophies could merge to have same level.
Science is to know nature, religion is to know God .
Science and religion are two ends of one chain only.

When I die……..
Use electric crematorium and burn no tree….
As tree can sustain and support further lives
And even mine if I come back on earth…..
Burn no tree as smoke creates pollution.
When I die……..
O God !…… it should not rain, nor it be very hot or cold…… people should not suffer.
When I die……..
Donate my body and parts,
Eyes to light someone’s life.
When I die……..
Please, Do not cry….
As a journey has finished and
another has commenced.

this article inspired by above poem by Chander Shekhar

W.O.W = Worship Of Work ?



1 = 1000W.O.W = worship of work …….what is worship of work ?

we will understand with the role of a mother and a nurse……

The nurse performs the work as duty….but mother performs the work as ….Dharma or worship of work……so role of nurse is ritual or practical….and role of mother is spiritual……so three letters…..s p i missing in ritual…..s means sensitiveness…..p as prayer…work as prayer of God….i means inspirations… any work which has sensitive prayer inspirations is spiritual….and rest could be practical or ritual..

Vedanta vision say….food is God….and cooking is one of the finest spiritual prayer of God…..
one of my friend is a great classical singer….
one day she ask me how can she improve the music ?…..
I tell her to cook meal at least once a week….
cooking is sensitiveness and oneness of senses….
God is in every atom so worship of work starts
with cleaning…to cooking…..a meal created with love brings taste of God….
and accept food as grace of God….
cooking and eating meal this way is spiritual…..

Prepare a (potato dish ) alu pratha or chapati at home and order the same from a restaurant….. leave them for one hour…..both are made with same materials……now which one we can eat….home or the restaurant ?…..and why ?

we will always eat the pratha/chapatti which has been prepared at home. While cooking the meal our love, dedication is involved so the home food has longer life and the pratha remains soft not only till the evening…..but till next morning…..
 the cook in the restaurant makes ….this as duty…..
taste and softness will depend on the love and devotion of the cook towards own work….
with modern time inner love is decreasing and this reduces the life of the food…..
so food becomes hard….hardness is symbol of insensitivity…
hence we will not like to eat this paratha……
this work can be termed as practical and ritual…..
working like a robot…no or little emotions…

Love gives longer life to every thing
that is the reason music, art, and wisdom last for thousand of years
like…Veda , Gita, temples, Taj Mahal……
all these are worship of work with love….this is spiritual…..
enjoy worship of work….breath to breath ….that is spiritual living…..
love all…
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Tennis = Love game
A match between two players, end with a result 6=0,6=o,6=o. the player who lost the match ,…… first slam the racket on the ground and does not…….. shake hand with the winner also warmly.
As he is….. packing his stuff , a child ball picker….. returning, the racket left on the ground ,  ask the player why are you so disappointed,……  do not you know?……… I lost the match ,……player replies.

Image credits :

Child inquires with what score ?…. player replies ,are you not here ?
child says my job….. is to pick the balls,……. not the score.
player sadly answers,……. 6=LOVE,6=LOVE, 6=LOVE
Child says  you should have thanked warmly the winner.
any good reason for this comment,………… inquires the player ?
Child replies calmly,………because winner left love in your account.

Accepts the gift of love with grace and forget the race of  losing  and winning and live with grace to play as divine’s ace.

Image credits :

Have you seen any body playing like that ?  player inquires….. . child replies ….  I come here with four mirrors and these mirrors are…. body mirror,… mind mirror,…. soul mirror ,…. spirit mirror.   but where they placed in you I do not see them on you ? child smile and explains they are… hidden cameras .

Body mirror is placed inside my right hand and it captures the players playing at the level   of body hence lists millions, always  slam their racket , rude to balls pickers also, no  harmony inside so it reflects outside as arrogance on court.

Image credits :

Mind mirror is placed inside my left hand and it captures the players playing at the level of  mind hence in thousands , joyful when win the match and vice versa when lose it , humble mostly some time lose their temper but it is o.k  you loose and learn.

both the mirror placed are in horizontal dimension of time.

Image credits :

Soul mirror is placed inside my forehead and it captures players playing with harmony of body and mind playing with grace of soul,hence numbers in hundreds……  fair to balls pickers and warm in win and in loss also…… always thanks spectators . 

Image credits :

Spirit mirror in center point of me in the naval where horizontal axis of time and vertical dimension of space merge and it captures players playing with oneness of body ,mind, soul and spirit  hence rare….  playing as divine’s ace… irrespective of win or loss. playing itself becomes enlightenment and watching them is blissful.their presence on the court attracts everybody to that court and always smile in loss and in tears when win.

Image credits :

Have you found any body in your spirit mirror? inquires the player

Child replies yes one . and that is “Roger Federer ” and before ?child say  very few which includes Pete Sampras and Bjorn Borg and few more……what was the best moments and best match in your opinion ,  child replies Roger Federer winning  French  Open 2009 and match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal ,    Wimbledon final 2007 as match.

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you are knowledgeable ball picker , please tell me what should I do to come in your spiritual  mirror requests the player.

you play with your  one hand so other hand has four fingers and one thumb so give you four finger tips. replies child,

first love your racket, second love yourself, third love opponent, four always smile as winner or loser.

Player inquires if child wants to be the inspiration coach .
child thanks the player and replies,
let me enjoy my work I love picking the balls “perhaps”,

P.S : –  inspired  while reading poem “perhaps” at Tekia’ blog.