Good Friday


The resurrection of Jesus is the Christian religious belief that after being put to death , Jesus rose again from the dead on the third day  in accordance with the Scriptures.

 A Sanskrit chant/prayer, from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

असतो मा साद गमय, तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय, मृत्योर मा अमृतम् गमय

(Asato Ma Sad Gamaya, Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya, Mrityor Ma Amritam Gamaya)

Lead us from ignorance to truth,

Lead us from darkness to light,

Lead us from death to deathlessness.

The purpose of human life is to know in time the timelessness , in death the eternal life , there are very few enlightened masters like Jesus Christ who cross the line of death to go beyond death. 

Going beyond death to taste timelessness is a symbol of Easter and that is why we call this friday , The Good Friday .

Love all.

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Oneness with divine

Early mornings are a gift ,

Winter in Jaipur is mild , yet to feel cold water shower is a gratitude bath , a bath to express thanks and harmony with body and water , cold shower is a therapy to enjoy winter . water is taste of divine and  calorie wise also zero like the energy equation of entire cosmos zero .

light a small oil lamp in the home temple and just to witness a miracle , a light beam of the small oil lamp also moving at 300000 Kilometer per second or 176000 miles per second , it wick flickering with the little wind is a dance of divine , just to witness this dance is pure meditation , meditation is a science to live in present .

Now time to be in the garden and feel the music of wind , wind is the origin of music and listening wind and working out breathing exercises makes to understand  that breath is neither connected nor disconnected with us ,

As I lift my hand to look at the blue sky in prayer , the eternal canvas where birds fly , light and darkness plays through the sun ,  moon , and clouds , creativity at it’s best .

Is not the creativity an art to cross timeline and jump into totality of timelessness ?

Kitchen is a spiritual center , where smell of wonderful cooking of earth elements , what a range of fruits and vegetables , and if you cook or make dishes like worship of work or like a prayer , eat like even every bite is absolute pleasure .

To be with nature ( 5 elements fire, water , wind , earth and sky ) is to be with ourselves , be ourselves is to be with oneself , and to be with oneself is to be with divine itself .

be with divine everyday and every moment .

love all.


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Taste of Timelessness


Life sips through the lips of time the taste of timelessness , 

Timelessness is a cup of emptiness which remains always brim full with tea of happiness .

It is a saying in Tao   , when Earth ( Time Body ) and  Sky ( Timeless Soul )  meet their  will be a Rain of Bliss .

Blissfulness is that Meeting Point .

Present is the meeting point of Past and Future .

Dance is the meeting point of Action and Non Action .

There are many modes of Transport to Travel on the Path of Time ,

Choose wisely the vehicle to Travel .

Let our inner Compass and  Faith of Divine be our guide , 

Those who have Faith always find their Destination ,

May all find their Destinations .

Happy New Year 

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Primitive Ape

My grand daughter 7 years tells me …….

Grape is God…….

Ask her why ? ……..


G for grape and G for God……

Takes one grape….


Puts in the mouth



What are you eating today?…….

My grand daughter 7 years replied………


But these are black…..I commented ………

She laughed and tell…..does colour of my dress change me ?……

You are getting old grand papa……..

Many time I also get this thought……

May be true

Give another reason ….why you say grape is God?…….

My grand daughter 7 years………..

replies….God is happiness……


Eating grapes … pure happiness…..

so grape is God……

now you also eat mouthful…..

then you will not argue……..

I also put few in my mouth….

and realise……truth in her saying……

Little enlightened master.

Many many books on grapes……..

found many on art of intoxication ……….

maturing grape wines…….

tasting rituals………

brand followings…….

healthy claims……

wine matures in barrels……..


immatures human minds………

rare now vintage brand…….. HAPPINESS.

Power of advertisement……..

catch you sad…..

free launching pad……

clad your head…..

makes you mad……

call it brand loyalty….

in the

name of grape….

back to

primitive ape.

Now grapes everywhere……….

freshness outside……

air conditioned inside…….

no name…..only number……..

all in the name of grape…..

suddenly hear my grand daughter calling……

car not good for you……

no more talk…..

only walk…..

good for health and happiness.

lost in eternity

Flying kite on the occassion of Maker Sankrant in Jaipur Rajasthan is journey of experience , exploration and enjoyment with family members …..everyone is  on the roofs of their homes ….. it is a festival where thousands of people celebrate through out the day and party ends with spactular fire works from every corner of the city .

Astrological Significance:

Makar means Capricorn and Sankranti is transition. There is a sankranti every month when the sun passes from one sign of the zodiac to the next. There are twelve signs of the zodiac, and thus there are twelve sankranti’s as well. Each of these sankranti’s has its own relative importance but two of these are more important – the Mesh (Aries) Sankranti and the most important, the Makar (Capricorn) Sankranti. Transition of the Sun from Sagittarius to Capricorn, during the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere is known as Makar Sankranti.

Religious  Significance:

Makar Sankranti is one of the most auspicious day for the Hindus, and is celebrated in almost all parts of the country in myriad cultural forms, with great devotion, fervor & gaiety.

Makar Sankranti is the day when the glorious Sun-God of Hindus begins its ascendancy and entry into the Northern Hemisphere.

Sun for the Hindus stands for Pratyaksha-Brahman – the manifest God, who symbolizes, the one, non-dual, self-effulgent, glorious divinity blessing one & all tirelessly. Sun is the one who transcends time and also the one who rotates the proverbial Wheel of Time.

The famous Gayatri Mantra, which is chanted everyday by every faithful Hindu, is directed to Sun God to bless them with intelligence & wisdom. Sun not only represents God but also stands for an embodiment of knowledge & wisdom.

The co-relation of cosmic events with individual life and values is one of the most astounding traits of Hindu Masters. Once this co-relation is brought about thereafter these cosmic events become instrumental to remind us the best which we cherish & value. Of all the cosmic bodies Sun is the most glorious & important, thus every sun-centric cosmic event became very important spiritual, religious & cultural events.

Spiritual significance of kite flying 

Kite is time body connected with timeless soul thread …….life is the experience of soul through body (kite ) into the space of eternity …….. some kite do not achieve heights ….. some do ….. some stand the test of time some sit down to taste timeless . life is a journey of unknown dimension and many times feel lost ….. came accross beautiful photo quote 

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Joy to the World

Joy to the world! the Lord is come; 
Let earth receive her King; 
Let every heart prepare Him room, 
and heaven and nature sing, 
and heaven and nature sing, 
and heaven, and heaven and nature sing.

Joy to the earth! the Savior reigns; 
Let men their songs employ; 
while fields and floods, 
rocks, hills and plains 
Repeat the sounding joy, 
Repeat the sounding joy, 
Repeat, repeat the sounding joy.

No more let sins and sorrows grow, 
nor thorns infest the ground; 
He comes to make His blessing flow 
far as the curse is found, 
far as the curse is found, 
far as, far as the curse is found.

He rules the world with truth and grace, 
and makes the nations prove 
the glories of His righteousness, 
and wonders of His love, 
and wonders of His love, 
and wonders, wonders of His love. 

Christmas is the time to touch every heart with love and care.
Christmas is the time to receive and send blessings.
It is the time to breathe the magic in the air.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

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Image credits : Pierot Man

Spiritual but not religious

Understand what cannot be understood!
Hear from the heart wordless mysteries!

Good and God’s morning ……

recently some one asked the audience in a conference …….

how many people are religious ?

only very few could raise their hands …..

but when asked …… how many people are in one way or other spiritual ……..

almost  90 %   or every one could raise their hand in affirmation …..

Spiritual but not religious (SBNR)  is a common and popular phrase in young generation all across the world …….

In April 2010, the front page of USA TODAY claimed that 72% percent of Young generation  agree they are “more spiritual than religious”.

Popular phrases are like a fashion which one follow blindly ignoring own creativity and judgement because of  projected styles by designers and brand Gurus through celebrity and fashion models and when we see our role models wear those ….. our mirror neurons in our brain get activated  and to look  beautiful and different we follow them but ultimately we  all start looking alike   ……. and become a part of fashion crowd who thinks themselves to be with the trend and contemporary 

and exactly this also has happened with this phrase ……

Spiritual but not religious

so we will try to understand in an ordinary way ……..

what is spiritual?


what means to be religious ?

Two days back took my elder Grand daughter to temple …..

in the picture she is placing some flowers on the roots of a Banyan tree …… what we call in Hindi ” PIPAL ”


when we went to bow before the lord shrine and afterwards as we were circling the shrine from outside which is a ritual most Hindu follow when one goes to temple ………

my Grand daughter asked me …….. why we circle the shrine ?……..

like children for their scientific and natural quest for the answers ……

so told her …….

time is a linear dimension with two ends ……. like past and future ……

to bring them together we circle so both ends come together

and meeting of past and future is present that is NOW ……… a journey of time in timelessness

religion is like a classroom where we are given the methods of bringing together the duality of body and soul through some rituals which are quite scientific

but to spread that knowledge certain simple rituals are there in streams of different religions all across the world depending upon the geographical , weather and local conditions …….

it is a training of senses which include body , mind and yoga or oneness with soul …….. it is like knowing how to drive a car or how to cook a meal …..

life is a long journey where we get this training of senses which could happen through religions …… through modern science ….. through a theist or through an atheist ….. because both theist and atheist know that every thing is made of atom and within every atom is OM also like soul in every living human ……

Spirituality is science of application of that training of senses for an individual journey of self-realization ……. and knowing the language of essence for all the senses …….. that is beauty for the eyes …… harmony or music for the ears ….. fragrance or the nose ……. taste for the mouth …..sensitivity or softness for the touch and prayers for totality or oneness …… so it is like decorating the dining table and taste the meal .

so what exactly we do when we go to a temple …… we complete all these through simple rituals …… like my grand daughter touch flower for touch and smell ….. putting flower is appreciating the beauty of nature ….. burn some incense sticks for fragrance …. decorate lord for beauty …… and prayer and gratitude for oneness …. like decorating a dining table

some people may not believe in decorating a dining table and sit down and eat in gratitude but like to have quick meal just to feed the body ….. and just feeding the body ignoring all rituals of art of dining …..they will say ……. waste of time …… and for this they call themselves not religious …..and not believing in any of these decorating methods has become  so-called spirituality

so a true spirituality is basically an art of dining to taste the divine energy in every thing and that is a conversation with nature …….. and every religion of this world is a local language of that conversation .

and spiritual but not religious…… is a sentence of misunderstood alphabets .


religious outside


spiritual inside

is a balanced statement

spirituality in short is like an ocean of love where all rivers of different religions merge to have same level …..

giving same level to all is true humanity ……

a true religion and true spirituality …..

love all

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strangers of life

Good and God’s morning ……. 

this morning a friend posted Frank Sinatra……. Strangers In The Night and while listening to it remembered visiting a shopping mall yesterday and as their parents were busy in a store ……. 

waiting outside with my two grand children in the passage noticed flow of people ….. lots of people ……. most of the people walking like strangers in this world …… lost and busy ….. so wondering where the softness and beauty of human eyes is lost ……may be in the labels of the shopping bags or in the levels of car parking …… 

but next to our seat came and sat a mother with her 3 or 4 year girl and in no time my grand children and this girl were playing together ….. like a family ….many time learn from small children the art of human communication ….. and after few minutes we all were on our busy path …… once again like strangers ……

are we stangers or we pose to be strangers ?

was Lord buddha a stranger in this world or Jesus Christ or mother Teresa ?…….

certainly not …. 

for them world was one family … love for everyone …..

remembered the text from 

Maha Upanishad Chapter 6, Verse 72: 

” अयं बन्धुरयं नेति गणना लघुचेतसां
उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकं “

‘ayam bandhurayam neti ganana laghuchetasam
udaracharitanam tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ 

‘Only small mind and heart human discriminate saying: One is a relative; the other is a stranger.
For those who live magnanimously the entire world constitutes but a family.’

so be a open mind and big heart human like enlightened masters from all religions and children of this beautiful mother earth …… 

love all.

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