Saint of Santoor

Famous santoor player Pandit Bhajan Sopori , the saint of santoor, passes away on 2 June 2022.

It was almost 11 oclock in the night in year 2007 and in a live solo concert Pandit Bhajan Sopori santoor recital kept every music lover spellbound till this late hour including me and when concert almost ended midnight to express my sincere appreciation went on stage , amazing human met with warmness and knowing from the organisers about finding a open resturant at this hour for dinner , invited Pandit ji and his team of 12 to have a good vegetarian meal at my Home Heritage House .

I met him and his Son Abhay several times and always attended his concerts whenever visited New Delhi .

Last time I spoke with him when he called me after receiving My book ” Own zerO ” in year 2021 and he been kind to write a review for my Book ,

With moist eyes bid farewell to this Genius from this world of Time


His music will always remain Timeless .

Love all .

(c) ram H singhal