Movie Week 19 : Clint Eastwood

Movie of the Week : MILLION DOLLAR BABY (2004)

Clint Eastwood, in full Clinton Eastwood, Jr., (born May 31, 1930, San Francisco , California ) is an American motion-picture actor who emerged as one of the most popular Hollywood stars in the 1960s and went on to become a Prolific and respected director-producer.

One of the greatest figures in film history turns 91 on May 31.

Praise to the Man With No Name who could be a Dirty Harry for a Few Dollars More but was never Unforgiven by his fans, because he was never shy of being In the Line of Fire, even if he was a Million Dollar Baby driving a Gran Torino with few best Quotes.

“There’s a rebel lying deep in my soul. Anytime anybody tells me the trend is such and such, I go the opposite direction. I hate the idea of trends. I hate imitation; I have a reverence for individuality.”
― Clint Eastwood, 

Clint Eastwood – 13 Oscars

“Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to
self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt,
that’s real power.”
― Clint Eastwood

“They say all marriages are made in heaven, but so are thunder and lightning.”
― Clint Eastwood


Director: Clint Eastwood. Writer: Paul Haggis. Starring Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman, Jay Baruchel.

“Million Dollar Baby” was perhaps the most acclaimed movie of 2004. It received seven Oscar nominations and won the awards for Best Picture, Best Director for Eastwood, Best Actress for Hilary Swank, and Best Supporting Actor for Morgan Freeman.

Eastwood was also nominated as Best Actor but he lost that award to Jamie Foxx in “Ray.” The film tells the story of a young woman who aspires to be a professional boxer. She forms a deep bond with her trainer (Eastwood) that takes them through both triumph and tragedy.

Love All.

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