True Nature of Self

one day Lord Buddha while walking on a path ……

A Stanger could feel the waves of love , peace and silence .

so impressed by his celestial presence asked Lord Buddha .

“My friend, what are you ?

Are you a celestial being ?

or perhaps a god ?

No……. said Buddha

“Well then, are you some kind of magician or wizard ?

No….. said Buddha again.

Well, my friend……what then are you ?

This time the Buddha replied….. 

I am awake…. The Enlightened One

I am awake…. The Enlightened One is a self certification or matching the taste of Timelessness we all experienced before the time started with our memory formation normally by the age of 3 years in all humans.

We all are born in union or plasticity of left and right brain or Oneness of Time and Timelessness as memory develops and mind comes in between the Two and as Gap increases …….

with that we start living more in Time rather then in Timeless happiness which is our True Nature.

once the mind of past and future disappears and one starts walking on path of Timeless Now and with that finds back the True Nature of Self .

Then only one can announce ……. I am awake…. The Enlightened One.

Love All.

(c) ram H singhal