Storyteller’s Zen

How to Save Your Energy for Things That Matter

Encho was a Famous Storyteller. His tales of love stirred the hearts of his listeners.

One day Encho met Zen Master Yamaoka Tesshu, “I understand,” said Yamaoka, “you are the best storyteller in out land and that you make people cry or laugh at will. so Tell me my favorite story of the Peach Boy. When I was a little tot I used to sleep beside my mother, and she often related this legend. In the middle of the story I would fall asleep. Tell it to me just as my mother did.”

Encho dared not attempt this. He requested time to study. Several months later he went to Yamaoka and said: “Please give me the opportunity to tell you the story.”

“Some other day,” answered Yamaoka.

Encho was keenly disappointed. He studied further and tried again. Yamaoka rejected him many times. When Encho would start to talk Yamaoka would stop him, saying: “You are not yet like my mother.”

It took Encho five years to be able to tell Yamaoka the legend as his mother had told it to him.

In this way, Yamaoka imparted Zen to Encho.

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Enlightenment 360º is ….. Journey in Time into Timeless through Art of Storytelling like a Mother.

Love All.

(c) ram H singhal