Life of Value Energy

A Milestone in Marriage: The Golden Anniversary of our dear friends Nisha and Satyendra Johari brings me to their blissful Home ” Shunyamशून्यम् with my wife Mithlesh to Congratulate them for this wonderful Journey .

We meet them in 1984 and both our families always shared their Moments of Joy and Happiness .

Nisha and Satyendra are a inspirations for many including us , for living a balanced and blissful life inside and Outside .

We are witness to this Journey of Togetherness with their beautiful daughters Reena and Pooja , climbing Great Success in their field of Innovations in Medical Equipment’s as well as achieving Serenity into Inner World with Equanimity and Grace.

Shunyam शून्यम्
न कोई आरंभ
न कोई अंत ,
अनेक सिद्धि अद्भुत सिद्घांत
अगिनत नियमों से एक निर्माण,
काल -समय ,अनंत आयाम
अनेक रूप ,एक ब्रह्मांड।

Staying in Shunyam …..The Home is a spiritual experience .

Shunyam is a sensitive space , you feel here a fragrance of deep inner silence , it brings you close to our Basic Nature of Beauty and Bliss.

Sharing a Cup of Tea in the morning is to feel the Warmth of their hospitality and sipping the tea of awareness with them in their Meditation Space is itself divine .

Marriage is a sacred journey . we wish our friends Long Long Times of Togetherness and in Totality like Lovebirds.

Enlightenment 360º is ….. LOVE which is …. Life of Value Energy.

Love All.

(c) ram H singhal