Zero research Zero


we are Atheist or Theist,

Whether Woman or Man,

Whether Researcher or Seeker,

Whether Teacher or Student,

Whether Rich or Poor,

Whether Child or Old,

Whether Working or Retiring ,

Whether Knowledgeable or Ignorant,.... and So on …..

We all have a deep and inbuilt Thirst for a Kind of Blissful , Timeless Happiness which we feel we know and also it’s Taste .

We all get short glimpses of this Blissful Happiness on certain occasions but somehow We have not been able to hold it permanently.

This Blissful Happiness is Equally desired and Searched by all Categories of Human Being irrespective what one is and Where one Is ?

This is one of the Basic Questions and Quests of Human Life .

Do you Remember your Childhood from Birth till 3 to 4 years ?

Normally no but Even if we think we do , it is because our parents have shown us pictures , videos and certain instances about our childhood of these years .

We will find the Answers for our Quest and the Questions of Memory in Human brain with Modern Scientific Research and as well as with Hindu Mythological Visual Stories about Brain which are equally scientific in my Next blogs

Love All.

(c) ram H singhal

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