Dream of Divine

Cosmos is a Dream of Divine as per Hindu Mythology so Real and illusion at the same time …….. Timeless and Time at the same time …..

( Wave and Particle at the same time proven in Double Slit Experiment on Light in Quantum physics )

Birth is like start of the film, Death is like end of the film, Life is to watch the film to know our Own role and Divine part in it .

Like in a cinema screen on which pictures are projected…. The Screen is Real…… but the Pictures are not…… Yet, we respond and react to these Moving Pictures as…. Real.

We all have different roles with different screen names during the film….. but original names appear mostly at End of the Film but then it is too late to complete Mission on Earth which was know our own original Identity and Identity of the Master of Universe .

we will be blessed and lucky if during the film we can know our original name and view our original face without makeup …..we call it Awareness .

Performing our roles naturally on world stage in Totality with this Awareness ….. is Enlightenment .

love all.

(c) ram H singhal

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