007 = Wisdom of Life

My Name Is Bond… James Bond

Bond is a British secret agent code name, 007 working for MI 6 and reports to Mysterious Boss M.

I first saw James bond Movie and Read Ian Flemings Novels during my Engineering ( 1967 – 1972 ) Degree . And seen most of the movies at least One time but Casino Royale may be few times .

we all are on a Secret Mission to find out about our own original Identity and Identity of the Master of Universe .

007 is a magical number of learning and understanding Wisdom of Life .

00 represents vision of both eyes to see all the seven colors of life to resolve the Mystery with the help of Latest Technology and scientific Innovations like Bond achieve , particularly with Cars and Gadgets .

Dress for success and inner Drive to complete Mission Impossible with all the physical strength and Endurance is what we can Learn from Bond films..

Films are Great teachers of wisdom depend how we view them so is film of Life .

love all.

(c) ram H singhal

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