Most Important Person

In 2013 while Travelling with my Grandson Yajvin who was just 7 years enquired about his Great Grandfather and when explained that he is no more on Earth so with God .

Suddenly my Grandson wanted a promise from me and when I promised him for sure ….. he started speaking ……. Grand Papa be on earth when I am young and blessed with a baby so I could say to my Baby ……. Look at your Great Grandfather .

I was flabbergasted , this small wise boy has made me one of the most important person of his life .

Same day I was with my Dentist Dr. Supreet , told her that I need my Teeth intact for another 25 years , when asked why this ? ….. explained about my conversation with my Grandson .

Moral of this is to Make your Near and Dear ones feel important in your life , it will give them a positive mindset and needed in this world , it will increase their life span like my Grandson has given me a yearning and further meaning in my life .

Enlightenment is ….. making Every Human Feel Important in Life .

Love All.

(c) ram H singhal

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9 thoughts on “Most Important Person

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  3. Dear and Divine Dulcy , Life is a great Teacher and remaining Student of life with empty Cup of Ego , wisdom and Happiness fills that void . your Kind wishes for long life is my blessings , you are a beautiful soul and fine human , Happiness and Peace will always walk with you , Greetings and Blessings , Love all. ram

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