It is not My Fault

WordPress is a Wonderful Blog Community where we all share our quality Inner Spiritual Conversations and Outer Scientific and Logical Observations for Refinement of our knowledge and Wisdom by going through the Process of Learning and Unlearning .

The dampness of your hair

The intoxication of your eyes

Even if I get lost here

Its not my fault

Author: Sahithi Nallapareddy

It is not My Fault that Sahithi Nallapareddy a fine blogger of inner beauty and essence nominated me for this Award , which I humbly and Gladly accept . if you also want to be lost …..Visit Her Blog

With the Award comes 5 Questions ?

Having many answers is Knowledge , Having no question is Wisdom .

1. What are the three things that you want to learn?

Harmonium , Veg Cooking , Painting

2. What inspired you to write ?

Why your Hair Grey and Ours black ? was enquiry of My Grand Children , so replied , Black to absorb from light so for learning and Grey to reflect ,

Have you reflected your Wisdom ? was their next Question ….. that how started writing blogs from that moment in 2010 and journey continues ….

3. One quote that motivates you always ?

Always Better in All Ways.

4. What you want to convey through your blog?

Know One to Know Everyone . and simple path of Creative Enlightenment ,

5. What do you learn from 2020 ?

Baby steps of Totality and Oneness of Body , mind and Soul.

My nominations for ‘The Ideal Blogger Award’ are


All above blogs are value for time Blogs , love them all.

Dear nominees please nominate more exceptional bloggers for this award and answer the questions above.Looking forward to your replies.

Once again thanks to all my fellow bloggers for inspiring me ….. to continue my Journey of Creative Enlightenment

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

12 thoughts on “It is not My Fault

  1. Ram, I am truly honored you chose me and nominated me for this award. I am however an award free blog so if I make the exception and accept this award that won’t be fair to others. I am deeply touched that I am on your list of blogs you nominated. God bless you. I will put this post on my awards page, giving you the credit for nominating me. Thank you! xo


    • You are a person of inner silence and beauty , whose award is happiness of sharing your creativity through your blog , for me this was my first acceptance of award in 10 years , but the young poetess who nominated requested me to answer the questions , so I also accepted this award , so your view on awards is very human , Appreciate it , thanks for sharing your wonderful work , love all , ram

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  2. Truly eye opening answers sir.I am in awe of your writing and insights, they guide me. You have touched people all over with your words. Truly a pleasure to be able to read your work😃


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