Heart of Watches

Mind of God

Charles-Edouard Guillaume made a Paper Knife by using an alloy of steel and nickel which he had developed himself. there was something revolutionary and it changed the “Heart of Watches ” for ever.

Clockmakers struggled for years to find a solution to the impact of heat and cold on metals – in other words on clock movements and thus their accuracy.

Well, Guillaume was the man who solved the problem, when he invented invar, an alloy that does not react to changes in temperature.

This alloy is still used today, even in electronics.

Charles Édouard Guillaume ( 1861- 1938 ) won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1920, “in recognition of the service he has rendered to precision measurements in Physics by his discovery of anomalies in nickel steel alloys.”

His discovery of alloy ‘Invar’, that was impervious to thermal changes was regarded path-breaking in the field of science…

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