” Mystry of God “

Language of Essence

God is like The ” Mystry of Light ” ,

Particle and Wave at the same time ,

Positive and Negative at the same time

Objective and Subjective at the same time ,

Science and Spirituality at the same time ,

Yes and No at the same time ,

Static and Kinetic at the same Time ,

Clockwise and Anti – Clockwise at the same time ,

Simple and Complex at the same Time ,

No Where and Now Here at the same Time ,

Facts and Feeling at the same Time ,

Question and Answer at the same Time

Sound and Silence at the same Time ,

God is oneness of Body , Mind , and Soul.

Oneness of Body , Mind and Soul Mirrors God ,

to Unveil the Mystry Of God .

Love All.

(c) ram H singhal

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