” Spirit of Creativity “

Flow of Silence

My home lies deep within you
And I’ve got my own place in your soul

Now when I look out through your eyes
I’m young again, even tho’ I’m very old

Johnston has stated that, for him, the “I” in the song is God, and that songs come from the ” Spirit of Creativity ” in Everyone.

Bruce Johnston on 'The Beach Boys With The Royal Philharmonic ...

Bruce Arthur Johnston (born Benjamin Baldwin; June 27, 1942) is an American singer, musician, songwriter, and record producer best known as a member of  ” The Beach Boys “

‘I Write The songs’, topped the Billboard charts in January 1976 and later won Bruce a coveted Grammy award for Song of the Year. A life of endless harmony continues …..

The Beach Boys With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra press shot web optimised 1000

I tried to miss the whole car song era. My heart wasn’t into any car stuff I did. I didn’t care. But I was and still am a real surfer. I started when I…

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