” Law of Attraction “

All in ….. All in ….. All in….. All in …..by all the Four players in this Poker Game of one of the best or in my Opinion ” the Best Bond Movie ” Casino Royale “ a 2006 Movie Starring Daniel Craig and others .

All in …… is a Phenomena which brings one into Present Moment merging all 5 Senses , to bring a Feeling of Totality , Oneness , wholeness , and just Be ….. it happens in Times of Danger so that is why Adventure thrills us …… it happens in Times of Sex also and in Gamblings also . This is the ” Law of Attraction .

Spirituality is an Individual journey of ALL IN … with Inner Core.

Meditation is a Science of ALL IN .

Life is just not All IN but has to have ALL OUT also .

All Out is Complete efforts to Fullfill the Bench Mark of Success with Talents

So be All OUT with your Talents into Outer World


be ALL IN with Totality into Inner World .

To remain Witness to ALL in and ALL OUT is Art and Bond in Life .

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

James Bond: The name is Bond. James Bond.

Love this film …...

Zero Energy

Mind of Zero

” Thumb Rule of Cosmos is Zero Energy ” .

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

Lord Vishnu is floating on water which is Zero Calorie .

Indian Mythology is just not Spiritual but Advance Scientific Facts put into Visual Language .

Vishnu meaning is Universal consciousness which is floating on Zero , now many Scientist believe our Universe also has a Consciousness like us .

Energy Equation of Atom is Zero so is of Entire Cosmos.

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