Emptiness is Noble Truth

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Bodhidharmawas aBuddhist Monk who lived during the 5th or 6th century and transmitter ofChan Buddhismto China, and he also began the physical training of the monks ofShaolin Monastery that led to the creation ofShaolin Kungfu .

Encounter with Emperor Xiāo Yǎn 蕭衍

TheAnthology of the Patriarchal Hallsays that in 527, Bodhidharma visitedEmperor Wu of Liang (Xiāo Yǎn 蕭衍, posthumous name Wǔdì 武帝), a fervent patron of Buddhism:

Emperor Wu: “How much karmic merit have I earned for ordaining Buddhist monks, building monasteries, having sutras copied, and commissioning Buddha images?”
Bodhidharma: “None. Good deeds done with worldly intent bring good karma, but no merit.”
Emperor Wu: “So what is the highest meaning of Noble Truth “
Bodhidharma: “There is no noble truth, there is only emptiness.”
Emperor Wu: “Then, who is standing before me?”
Bodhidharma: “I know not, Your Majesty.”

Out of Emptiness and intoEmptiness is Noble…

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