But How To Love?

We all deserve Love.
Yet in order to recognize Love
we first must learn Love ourselves
in order for us to reach others
with tangible real Love.

Heaven On Earth

We all deserve to be Loved
for exactly who we are
not what others want us
to be or, regardless
of how different we are.

A problem does arise, however,
when someone does not know
the true meaning of Love
hence acting from a place
that is ugly and dark.

How then do you show Love
to someone who knows not Love
who hurts and destroys
without thought to
heart-breaking ramifications?

That is when Tough Love
comes into play
as the one who knows Love
stands up to the dark
refusing it entry in any form.

When it comes to Tough Love
Tough Love is undoubtedly tough!
Yet if consistent with it
that Tough Love could transform
into changed behavior.

Either that or the one
who refuses to walk from dark ways
is no longer welcome
in the life of the one
who does know Love.

This too is considered…

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