Bucket List ?

Water Wheel was a common invention in last Century before the advent of Pump Motors .

Going into same circle again and again of long chain of buckets as well as a circular routine path for Animals and the Man which is similar to our modern day routine Life .

What exactly is the Purpose of Bucket list ?

To Learn New things , visit New Places , the Goals we want to achieve, Dreams we want to fulfill, and life experiences we wish to experience during our life time .

We prepare our Long list of Buckets , some fulfilled and some empty to be filled, act as checklist .

As this Buckets get loaded with our ever ending wish list , many times it becomes a burden on back of our Mind but burden was not the purpose of Bucket list.

Wheel of life fills and empties everyone’s Bucket list , be Happy in between this cycle is True Purpose of Bucket List.

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

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