Art of Living

Life is a experience as man , woman , or as a child , child has no gender , we try to classify them as girl child or a boy child .Childhood is a stage of life both for women and men , like teenage is a stage so is young and old . 

Many time wonder what could be the purpose of this life cycle , which varies for everything in nature from a cosmos age of few billion years to few seconds for some small creatures . for Humans average is 75 years . what we all carry at last , , think ?

At last most of the humans feel going empty handed , why empty handed ?

Lord Buddha was a prince , so name ,fame and power yet confined to his own small kingdom , abandon all comforts and start a search of a pure bliss which he knows the taste yet does not find in the comforts of his palace and kingdom. 

Search or research for this bliss takes him around , to different people , different practices , different philosophies , and yet there are more and more questions than answers.

Finally sits under the tree of PIPAL later on known as Bodhi Tree ,  there he unlearn all the acquired knowledge and  learns like a child the  art of living in present .

PIPAL has a hidden wisdom , Pi means drink and Pal means this particular moment or now , drink now is wisdom of life both for women and men, be a man or woman outside yet a child inside always 

Art of living like this in present is purpose of life in my view .

(c) ram0ram

freedom to right copy and share 


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