Sipra Bose

Flow of Silence


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Sipra Bose (1945 – April 22, 2008) was a noted singer in the Hindustani classical music tradition from KolkataIndia. She is noted for her rendering of light classical (Ragpradhan) songs in Bengali.

She started her musical training under Chinmoy Lahiri, and was introduced into the Thumri and Ghazal of the Lucknow gharana under Begum Akhtar. She also worked with Naina Devi of the Benaras gharana and Pandit Ravi Shankar.[1]

Her ghazal renditions, especially her enunciation of Urdu, has been noted by critics. She is also remembered in Odisha for singing some memorable Oriya movie songs and duets.

She died from a heart attack in Kolkata on April 22, 2008. Her husband is Gobindo Bose, a noted Tabla player. They have two sons and one daughter.

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