Krishna Gundopant Ginde

Music = harmony with God


Krishna Gundopant Gind   (26 December 1925 – 13 July 1994) was a Hindustani classical singer, teacher, composer, and scholar. His guru Shrikrishna Narayan Ratanjankar was his biggest influence.


Krishna Gundopant Ginde, called “Chhotu” (small) by family members and close friends because he was the 8th among 9 children, was born on December 26, 1925, inBailhongal near Belgaum. He showed interest in music from an early age and devoted his entire life to its pursuit. When he was just 11 years old, he moved to Lucknow and started his music training under music scholar S N Ratanjankar. He moved to Mumbai in 1951 to take up a teaching post with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. In 1962 he became principal of Vallabh Sangeet Vidyalaya. His knowledge of raagdari music was comprehensive. He would demonstrate various facets of a raag or a raagaang in seminars or lecture demonstrations.

When he was celebrated in his sixtieth birthday, some…

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