Football = Dance eternal


Eternity is dancing on eternity like football”

every thing has an eternal space inside and outside like football.
foot has two o,

one o represents right leg controlled by left brain, logical intelligence , time, body the known dimension


other o represents  left leg controlled by right brain , emotional intelligence, space ,soul, the unknown dimension.


who enjoys the match most ?
one may say spectators who come in large numbers with alliance to one of the teams


go through the joy and sorrow along with the win and lose of the preferred team.

spectators are like different Information’s on any subjects.

Mexico vs Guatemala Preolimpico 2008

Players know the rules of game


go through the whole field of knowledge

which is refinement of information’s.

In the match one plays with both the legs while playing one forgets the  body, mind,  soul and spirit  which results into duality of dance and dancer becoming one in timelessness


dance of time and timelessness in oneness is dance eternal ,


Good player performs irrespective of the results that is Wisdom.


Referee is blissfulness  

who witness the match ,

enjoys it the most remaining neither attached nor detached at the same time. 

this balanced of mind could be termed as blissfulness.


Blissfulness is to be a good referee


for that one has to be good player first with wisdom. 

Spectators with neutral mind balance ( like a referee ) can also enjoy blissfulness that is beyond joy and sorrow


surrounded by huge crowds of people this can happen as a special theory but not as a general theory.


 For  many sports is exercise of body ,

for few it is entertainment of mind ,


for very few it is a dance eternal of  oneness with body and soul ,

that is enlightenment


 true purpose of all sports .

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